What to look at when buying a Japanese vehicle for the first time


Are you worried about owning a car? If that is so, this article is for you. Japanese used vehicles are famous all around the world. We all are acquainted with the quality and performance they deliver. Moreover, Japan exports more than 50k vehicles to Asia every month, in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, UAE, and Sri Lanka. Buying a Japanese-used car saves a lot of money on your monthly income. Japanese used cars are meticulous, powerful, and beautiful. Although they are great for personal usage and pleasure, for such beauty, you need to do a little job to maintain it, too.

In 2016, Japan exported about 575,000 cars to Europe, worth around 9 billion euros. However, Japan also imported 279,259 from Europe. Japanese manufacturers succeeded well after the second world war, especially Toyota and other car brands, all contributed their services. Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Suzuki, and Honda are some of the famous brands of Japans. 

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There are a lot of benefits that come with Japanese used cars, and it depends on how you choose them. So it’s better to know the steps before approaching the market. Let’s dive into the next phase of our article, in which proper guidance is elaborated. 

  1. A Proper exporter 

Reliability is hard to find, but there are a few initiatives you can look into. Check out the following main points:-

  • Check the address of the trader you have consulted with. Moreover, you can search for them on Google. 
  • Check the email address and the legal landline number. 
  • Make sure the trader has been connected with all the auction houses of Japan. There are more than 100 auction houses all over Japan. Also, with JUMVEA. 
  • Make sure the company has the police certification. 
  • You can also check out past client reviews on Google or on their website. 

Other than this, there are also auction houses available, as discussed above. You can also consult them, but it’s better to hire a translator beforehand, so you won’t mess up anything. 

  1. Choosing a vehicle 

It’s better to plan before choosing your desired car, so you don’t change plans in the end. So, go through the stock of the exporter. Make sure to compare the prices of each of the traders, and you’ll get acknowledgement about the price tags. Moreover, you’ll see minor differences after comparing the prices. 

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Pay and the Shipments 

After choosing your vehicle, it’s time to clear the bill. Request the company to send you the invoice for the car. If you are sure about the car, you can pay, and the vehicle will be delivered to your place. 

On the contrary, if you buy from an auction, you need to pay the amount before the shipment because of the bids. If you delay the payment, you may lose the car. So, it is better to ready the amount of the car before buying or choosing a vehicle. 

After the payment, the vehicle will be transported to your provided information. 

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