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    Whiteboard is considered a key piece of office furniture. From mapping out ideas to detailing in-depth projects during meetings, they have been around for a long time.

    But, as with pretty much all office equipment these days, modern technology has caught up. And with so many different choices, how can you know which whiteboard is best for you? Keep reading our guide for an overview of what is currently available on whiteboard surfaces.

    What are the main features of a good whiteboard?

    Before we get into extra features, we’ll start with the basics. Purchasing a whiteboard may not seem like a big deal, but there are some factors you ought to consider so that you don’t find yourself having to replace it in a few months.

    •  Stain resistance: a whiteboard that has a cheap surface finish is susceptible to ‘ghosting’. This is a process where dry erase markers leave behind shadowy ink stains if their marks aren’t erased quickly enough. Over time these stains get darker which gives the whiteboard a cloudy look. Consider investing in a glass or porcelain surface which is very easy to keep clean so that ghosting doesn’t happen.
    • Ease of use: think about how you will use the whiteboard. If you host meetings in different rooms and are always on the go, you will need a mobile whiteboard. However, if it’s for a conference room, then a hanging or wall-mounted whiteboard may be best.
    • Size: measure the space you want your whiteboard to fit into, and make a note of these numbers. Whiteboards come in all shapes and sizes so, no matter what these measurements are, you are sure to find one that fits.

     What special features can I get on a whiteboard?

    Now that the basics are covered, we can get into the interesting part. Many features are available for whiteboards, including:

    Magnetic surfaces

    A magnetic surface can greatly increase the scope of your presentations. Add images, graphs and other graphics easily by using a magnetic pin or memo. You could even use magnetic tape to divide your whiteboard into sections to create an interesting display during meetings.

    Printed whiteboards

    In/out whiteboards, or those manufactured with pre-printed grid lines make a great tool within the office. Not only do they aid in organisation and save you time, but printed whiteboards also increase productivity and make tracking goals and deadlines simple.

    You could even get a custom-printed whiteboard with your company’s name or logo for a more professional look.

    Projection boards

    Purchasing a whiteboard with a non-glare finish allows you to use it as a projector screen, too. This gives you, and other colleagues, the freedom to annotate, highlight and edit text during a meeting/training session. A whiteboard with this dual purpose is a very cost-effective solution that outperforms standard whiteboards.

    Which whiteboard surface finish is best?

    There are three main surface finishes when it comes to whiteboards, and each one carries its own pros and cons.

    • Glass: this is the most expensive option out of the three, but for a good reason. A glass finish is very durable and long-lasting, as well as being resistant to streaking and ghosting. The downside is that you need to mount this option onto a white or light-coloured background otherwise transparency and light glaring become an issue.
    • Porcelain: this option is made up of a ceramic whiteboard that has a metal backing. Thanks to this backing, most porcelain whiteboards are magnetic, which is often useful. The downside to this surface option is that it can be quite costly depending on the size, but it is very long-lasting and resistant to ghosting.
    • Melamine: this is the most cost-effective whiteboard out of the three, simply because it is made from plastic. It is lightweight, which is great for mobility, but this surface type is prone to streaking. With regular cleaning, though, this shouldn’t cause cloudiness and the whiteboard will last you for years to come.

     How much can I expect to pay for a good quality whiteboard?

    As with most things, usually the higher the price, the better the quality of the item you’ll get. 

    Over at First Mats Ltd, you can find high-quality whiteboards at very reasonable prices. Magnetic whiteboards start from just £18, and you can find a whole host of other options including rotating, attendance, and flip-chart whiteboards.

    To find out more information or to view the product range, please contact First Mats or visit the website www.firstmats.co.uk

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