What You Need To Know About Scaffolding Rental


It is inevitable to encounter hard-to-reach places in new construction and renovation projects. Thus, scaffolding is often required to work on these inaccessible areas in different phases – from formwork assembly to painting or finishing. 

Make sure to include scaffolding rental in your overall project cost. But whether you’re working on a multistory building or a private residence, deciding on a scaffolding hire near you would depend on a few factors.

The Following Considerations Will Guide You In Getting a Good Quote. 

Location Of Project

Your project’s location is one of the leading indicators of hiring costs for scaffolding equipment. Scaffolds – including all their accessories – use steel bulkhead vans for efficient transportation. Even a narrow scaffold’s longest part measures at least 0.74 by 2.5 meters.

It is best to get a quote from a rental within your district so you won’t have to pay additional fees for transporting large and heavy equipment. And if you’re a contractor, partner with a rental that has branches around the state to cater to your projects in every city. 

Duration of hire

The average hiring period of scaffolding equipment ranges from six to eight weeks, and you will be provided with a sum usually every week. While there are no fixed rates, the average breakdown of costs is between $250 – $1500 weekly. 

It is only logical that the longer you hire, the more expensive the costs. However, many companies offer discounts or lessen weekly rates for longer hires. This is because the costliest part is during the construction and dismantling phases. 

Size Of Project

Similar to location, the size of a project directly influences your hiring costs. Smaller projects require a single tower or two and will be much cheaper than larger buildings that will use scaffolding companies Brisbane in many areas. 

For instance, projects like gutter repair or working on the chimney may require only one tower, while house repainting to full-on construction may need three or more mobile wide scaffolds.

Furthermore, the more levels of scaffolding you need, the more expensive it will be. This is because the number of working levels requires its own walkways, and more parts mean an increase in hiring costs. 

Complexity Of Project

How accessible your project site is also influences scaffolding hire costs. You will receive a much affordable quote when the scaffolding frames and parts can be assembled upon delivery. However, there will be a minor increase if scaffolders need to carry these parts in other areas, like through rooms in a building.

Moreover, some projects may occasionally have special requirements, such as erecting scaffolds on gaps over driveways and conservatories or assembling them on uneven land. If you have to use platforms on public access roads, you should get permission from your local council as well, and they may ask for separate fees.

Need Of Human Resources

When working with scaffolding, safety is of paramount importance. So you need to make sure that it is assembled correctly. The best way to do this is to hire a team from the same company you got your equipment. 

Scaffolding experts design, supply, and install scaffolding equipment for civil and industrial purposes. They best know their products and how to deliver your staging needs, whether your project is residential or commercial. So you will be assured of a safe and professional service. 

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