Whats is Acromegaly and Its Symptoms


Acromegaly is a rare hormonal condition that occurs due to excessive secretion of growth hormone. When you are in the growing stages, your body secretes growth hormone so that muscle mass can increase, bones can grow, and your body can develop. As you reach puberty, it starts to decline because no more growth is needed. However, in some cases, your body keeps secreting growth hormone in increased quantity, resulting in acromegaly- a disorder of the endocrine system. If you have symptoms of acromegaly, you should visit the endocrinologist in Lahore.

What are The Symptoms of Acromegaly?

Acromegaly mostly affects arms, face, and legs and can cause abnormal heights due to exaggerated bone structure. The symptoms of acromegaly develop slowly over some time.
A certain size of the ring may fit you, and after some time, it does not. You may need to change shoes time and again because they may stop to fit you. The common symptoms of acromegaly are;

Enlarged bones of hands, jaw, face, and feet
Enlarged tongue or jaw
Too much hair growth in women
Prominent brows
Weight gain
Excessive growth spurts
Empty spaces between teeth
Pain and swelling in joints that restrict their movement
A hoarse and deep voice
Splayed toes and fingers
Too much sweating
Muscle weakness
Fatigue and lethargy
Too much oil secretion due to enlarged sebaceous glands
Skin thickening
Non-cancerous skin tags

What Causes Acromegaly?

Your body secretes growth hormone so that your muscle mass and height can increase. Its secretion varies in your different stages of life. Normally, it is highest in your growing age and declines as you reach puberty.

In acromegaly, there is too much secretion of growth hormone and it does not stop on its own. Therefore people having acromegaly have long heights that keep increasing. Since growth stimulation does not stop, people with acromegaly have a large stature as compared to other normal people.

Your brain has a gland called the pituitary gland that secretes growth hormones. According to experts, it secretes too much growth hormone due to a benign tumor called adenoma. If acromegaly occurs due to adenoma, the healthcare providers may remove it through surgery.

Who is at Risk For Acromegaly?

After puberty, acromegaly can start anytime. But it is most common among middle-aged people. Most people do not know about it because symptoms show up slowly.

How is Acromegaly Treated?

The treatment for acromegaly depends upon its severity, health status, and age. The goals for it are;

To normalize the secretion of growth hormone
Relieve pressure around adenoma
Normalize the function of the pituitary gland
Lower the symptoms of acromegaly
To treat deficiency of other hormones

To treat acromegaly, your healthcare provider may prescribe you;


It is often the first line of choice as it can help provide lifetime relief. The healthcare providers remove the tumor growth in the pituitary gland to treat acromegaly. It is a quick and long-lasting treatment option.


If surgery is not successful, the healthcare providers may prescribe you medications that can help reduce symptoms of acromegaly. Medicines are often used before surgery to lower growth hormone secretion. Drugs used to lower growth hormone secretion are;

Growth hormone receptor antagonist
Somatostatin analogs
Dopamine agonists


When used along with medications, radiation can help lower growth hormone secretion. It is used when the size of the tumor is large, or to remove its remaining part after surgery.


Acromegaly is a disorder of the endocrine gland that causes increased growth. It may show up slowly. If you have any signs and symptoms of increased growth, you can visit the endocrinologist in Karachi.

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