Wheelchair Accessible SUV Features


While purchasing a Wheelchair Accessible SUV, consider which features are important. This article will go over the advantages of Honda HR-V, Kia Soul, and Ram ProMaster. These vehicles are designed to provide easy transfer from wheelchair to front seat. These seats are a great choice for commercial and heavy-cycle applications, or for areas that are prone to vehicle corrosion. If you’re not sure which type of wheelchair accessible SUV to purchase, start your search here.

Ford Explorer MXV

The Ford Explorer MXV is a wheelchair-accessible SUV that uses the same engines as a normal Explorer. It has enough power to handle rough terrain and leap curbs, but is not so heavy that it drags on the highway. That is important for wheelchair-bound passengers who are confined to a wheelchair. A Ford Explorer with these modifications is a good option for anyone who needs an SUV that can accommodate both a wheelchair user and a passenger in a wheelchair.

Kia Soul

The Kia Soul is a newly released wheelchair accessible SUV that features a spacious interior with room for up to four passengers. A smaller wheelchair car, the Soul is a great option for a small family or couple. Its seating configuration allows the wheelchair user to sit next to the other rear passenger, which can be uncomfortable for the user. The Soul is also designed to be easy to drive, and it offers top-notch fuel efficiency.

Honda HR-V

The HR-V is Honda’s smallest SUV and offers a high level of accessibility. It offers a flat cargo floor when the back seats are folded down, which makes it easier to load long, awkward objects. This vehicle is also spacious, with plenty of space for groceries and suitcases. Honda expects to launch the 2023 model in the US this summer. In addition to the ‘S’ trim, the HR-V offers a number of standard features.

Ram ProMaster

Whether you need to transport a large number of patients or a patient with physical limitations, the Ram ProMaster is an excellent choice for wheelchair accessibility. The vehicle’s length, roof height, and SmartFloor system allow for more than 1,000 possible seating configurations for ambulatory and wheelchair passengers. And because the vehicle’s engine is a Pentastar V6, it’s built to last. Whether you need a wheelchair van to transport a single patient or a full fleet of vehicles, the Ram ProMaster is a great choice for commercial and business use.

Buick Enclave

The Buick Enclave is a wheelchair-accessible SUV that comes with an attractive and roomy interior, advanced safety features, and plenty of legroom. The Enclave’s two-row seating configuration keeps the driver and front passenger’s original Buick seats while offering deluxe bucket seats in the second row. The wheelchair-accessible seating in the second row allows wheelchair riders to ride together in the car and enjoy all of the car’s comforts.

Chevrolet Traverse

Several years ago, BraunAbility introduced the Ford Explorer MXV, which continues to be a popular wheelchair accessible vehicle today. However, the new Chevy Traverse has been refined to offer an even greater level of convenience and functionality. The Traverse has a wider doorway and room for three passengers in the 3rd row. It also has an unmodified B-pillar and a dual-arm ramp door system that provides greater reliability and reassurance for drivers. You will surely find plenty of this from Freedom Motors


If you are in need of a wheel chair accessible SUV, you should consider purchasing a BraunAbility. These vehicles are available for sale from authorized BraunAbility dealers nationwide. If you are interested in purchasing one, you can complete the application form by filling out the relevant fields on this page. If you do not want to purchase a new vehicle, you can buy used BraunAbility vehicles. However, before you purchase a BraunAbility vehicle, be sure to read the information provided in this document.

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