Which Internet Service Provider has High-speed Fibernet for Multi-users?


The Internet is one of the many wonders of technology that has become an integral part of modern life. The rise of the internet has transformed our society to such a degree that you can get most of your tasks done online with little or no effort. Fibernet is one of the staples of the modern internet experience as the customers are no longer happy with the older generation internet connections that provide a slower internet experience. The fibernet worksthrough the fiber opticcables whichprovide a much faster speed of data transmission through light. The network quality of the fibernet internet connections is also more stable with lesser fluctuations and data speed drops. This is the reason because of which the fiber internet connection is offered by the majority of internet service providers or ISPs in the country with some specialized high-speed broadband plans to go with them. If you are looking for some of the fastest fibernet data plans in India, you can refer to the list below for reference.

Airtel Xstream Fiber

One of the clear leaders in the race for providing the best fiber internet experience is the Airtel Xstream Fiber. It uses the best-in-class FTTH (Fiber To Home) technology to provide a lightning-fast internet connection. The Airtel Xstream Fiber also lets you enjoy some great features such as a fixed-line phone with unlimited calls and even WiFi calling. With the Airtel Xstream Fiber, you can get speed up to 1 Gbps which is the fastest in the country at INR 3999. The other plans along with internet speed include 40 Mbps at INR 499, 100 Mbps at INR 799, 200 Mbps at INR 999, and 300 Mbps at INR 1499. With the right router, you can even connect up to 60 devices with the network although the free router that comes with all Airtel Broadband connections lets you connect up to 10 devices. The plan also comes with some Airtel Thanks rewards such as OTT subscriptions that the customers can activate by installing and using the Airtel Thanks App.

Jio Fiber

Jio Fiberis another contender to the number one position among the fiber broadband connection providers in India and it is growing rapidly. The connection also comes with a one-month free trial. The Jio broadband also offers the top speed of 1 Gbps at INR 3999 and has a data cap of 3300 GB in a month. The minimum speed that the brand offers is 30 Mbps at INR 399. The other plans offer 100 Mbps at INR 699, 150 Mbps at INR 999, 300 Mbps at INR 1499, and 500 Mbps at INR 2499. Just like Airtel, the Jio Fiber plans also come with OTT packs, and depending on your pack you can enjoy various subscriptions.

ACT Fibernet

ACT Fibernet is one more company that provides many good fiber plans although some of them can be quite expensive. For example, the 1 Gbps plan of the ACT Fibernet is available at INR 5999 which is INR 2000 more than the Airtel and Jio broadband plans of the same speed. The plans and internet speed offered by ACT Fibernet are 40 Mbps at INR 500, 75 Mbps at INR 700, 150 Mbps at INR 1075, 300 Mbps at INR 1325, 400 Mbps at 1999. The plans offered by ACT Fibernet may vary depending on the region. The ACT Fibernet plans are ideal for students, professionals who need to work from home, and even those who are a lot into content streaming.

These are some of the best Fibernet plans in India that are great if you want to binge-watch content, enjoy online gaming, download heavy files, or run web-based applications that consume a lot of data. Airtel stands tall as one of the foremost ISPs in the country which has one of the largest and most popular Fibernet networks in the country that is trusted by millions of people.

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