Which Network would pay? As Pi-Network doesn’t paid yet


Pi Network became all the rage after it launched in 2019. It introduced smartphone mining for ordinary people that enabled them to generate an additional income source. Most of the users liked the idea of easy money and invested heavily into it. As a result, Pi Network got a massive boost that enabled it to gather a community of 10 Million users worldwide. 

Pi Network has an app where users log in every day, tap a button and get digital currency in return. There is no guarantee that any kind of functionality is present at the backend. Even the Pi Coin has no value and is currently not available for trade. Additionally, it has an affiliate program that allows the users to level up and acquire more Pi coins. 

Pi Network introduced multiple updates and phase advancements throughout the years. When these updates bore no fruits, people started speculating about Pi Network not being legit. It showcased all signs of being a Pyramid Scheme model. Truthfully, it is turning out to be just another money-grabbing scheme that provides no value for money. 

Will Pi Coin Ever Exist? 

For any legit mining App, the crypto token is of significance. The crypto token is used for mining as well as for trading on different platforms. However, Pi Coin hasn’t seen the light of the day so far. There seem to be no immediate plans to launch Pi Coin as well. Pi Network claims that they launched Pi Coin temporarily in 2020 enabling individuals to use it to exchange products and services. The better strategy would have been to list the token on an exchange like BFIC.  

Pi users believe that the Pi team’s method of forking the open-source stellar blockchain to construct their version necessitates tremendous effort for a variety of reasons, which explains the delay. This is hard to believe until the mainnet is officially available. In the Pi Network whitepaper, the criteria for introducing the mainnet are ambiguous. The mainnet will be deployed when the community believes the time has come and adequate testing has been accomplished. This all sounds like a lot of technical information but the end line is, Pi has no blockchain at the back and no tradable and worthy token. This renders Pi Network worthless even after constant bogus updates.

Does BFIC Network Pay?

BFIC Network is the latest innovation that enables stake-mining on smartphone devices. The major difference between BFIC and Pi Network is that BFIC is based on a blockchain technology that has already been introduced. BFIC Mainnet is among the most secure and swift blockchain technology in the world. 

Moreover, BFIC is a legit tradable cryptocurrency that is already in circulation and traded on certain exchanges. It is a high-utility cryptocurrency that will eventually have a massive ecosystem at its disposal. Consequently, this elevates the status of the BFIC Network when compared to Pi Network. BFIC is currently worth $4.5 and is expected to increase in the future. 

BFIC Network allows for daily stake-mining and team building. The App is user-friendly and gives out rewards in the form of BFIC. While Pi Network functions on speculations and future bogus updates, BFIC Network works on facts and functionality. 

Since BFIC is already traded globally, the users can cash out their BFIcoin at any given time. They are not required to wait for years to get a paycheck. BFIC Network is an ideal platform to generate a passive income stream. Multiple reward systems within the App make it an ideal investment for future gains.  

Moreover, BFICoin has a clearly defined roadmap that enables users to stay updated and aware of future potentials and goals. 

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