Which Tablet Do You Use For Drawing?


The art of drawing was once limited to the paper and pen world. However, the process of inspiration is similar to a free bird, it is available anytime, anyplace and if you’re without a draw tablet, that is destined to be wasted however that’s not the situation any more. Technology has improved and improved the overall experience in nearly every area.

Nowadays , smart devices have replaced their needs and are now an art canvas for users with whom an artist can express their creativity, with a keen eye on tiny details by using stylus or smart pencil, which is included in nearly each drawing tablet.

People who have just began to explore their interests in drawing or are amateur artists will be shocked to see what can be accomplished by an Android tablet can offer. If you’re already familiar with tablets on Android to draw on They are aware of how amazing they are.

Android tablets are great as they offer us many options to complete. They can do multitasking better than other devices. They can now be employed for drawing the users are sure to be stupefied. In addition, they don’t require the need to be connected to a computer. They are ideal with their portability which means they can be used in any place so there’s no limitations or boundaries for your artwork. If you want to know more about tablets visit Techpcgamer.

The most challenging and crucial task today is finding the ideal tablet that fits your personal style while remaining within your budget. There are a variety of tablets in the market which makes the task more difficult. The task of comparing between Tablets and then selecting one to purchase could be the most difficult thing to choose.

Android Tablet For Drawing Buying Guide

Compatible With Relevant Software

You should not only make sure that your device is compatible with the desired OS However, you should also ensure that it’s compatible with other drawing software too. Software for art and design like Photoshop, InDesign, etc. can help you increase the possibilities of creating impressive drawings.

Screen Size/Active Area

It is undisputed that bigger screens or work areas offer more comfort and hands-free movement and more comfortable viewing. Also, you won’t have to zoom in or out as much, which can increase your comfort and ease of use. It will also reduce anxiety and stress.

It’s all based on your personal preferences. Make sure that an excessively large screen does not affect its portability or grip.

Reporting Rate

This is a measure of the responsiveness of the device. The higher the rate of reporting is the quicker it responds to your strokes, and the reverse is true. E.g. an RPS of 200 RPS indicates that the device sends out data each 1/200 one-th of one second.

Therefore, the top android tablet that has an impressive rate of reporting will provide you with an experience that is more realistic since it can respond as fast as the pen moves.

Stylus Type

Drawing pens can be of either versions-rechargeable or battery-free. It is recommended to go with battery-free versions since they will take away the additional burden of charging an additional device. Your creativity will not come to a halt because your stylus battery has died down.

It is also important to think about additional features for your stylus like its adjustment of tilt angle, the replacement for nibs grip, tip thickness etc.

Pressure Sensitivity

The levels of pressure of your pen control the thickness of lines you draw. This is based on the pressure you apply to the stylus. The more pressure you apply is, the more thick the line drawn and the reverse is true.

Styluses that have a higher sensitivity to pressure are suggested as they enable you to draw more flexibly range of opacities and thicknesses. This means that you’ll be able to draw more intricate patterns, exactly as you would draw on real paper using real pen.

What Tablet Do You Use For Drawing?

You should always opt for a tablet that has an specialized stylus. It should allow you to have control over the precision. The sensitivity to pressure of tablets is another factor to consider.

If you’re new to the game, Wacom Intuos S can be a good choice. Also, you can look into the Huion 1060Plus. It’s a less expensive alternative. However, if you’re eager to take on the world of work then go for Wacom Intuos Pro.

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