Which the Best Cruise, Dhow Cruise or Marina Cruise

Sunset Sailing Dinner Cruises - Experience the Ultimate Seafood Dinner
Sunset Sailing Dinner Cruises - Experience the Ultimate Seafood Dinner

Cruises restaurants are a specialty of Dubai. Many people around the world prefer to take a ride on this to enjoy their evening with delicious food and an amazing view of Dubai. It offers extraordinary dining with good entertainment equal to long cruise vacations. There are a variety of meals and multiple cruise companies in Dubai to offer packages of your choice.

It provides eye-soothing scenery with fine dining to improve the overall experience. Visitors will remember this experience for their whole life. There are different types of cruises in Dubai. One is Dhow Cruise and the other is Marina Cruise. The water canal cruise is also remarkable but people choose these two cruises on the basis of extraordinary view. 

Water canal cruise circle around almost the same places as Dhow cruise and Marina cruise. It shows you little sights of both Marina and Creek. Its specialty is also that it shows Sheikh Zayed bridge waterfall. The water canal cruise is not much appreciated because it leaves many parts of Marina and Creek.

Both Dhow cruise and Marina cruise is considered as one of the finest services in Dubai. Dhow cruise is available on both Marina and Creek. People sometimes get confused about which one to choose Marina Cruise or Dhow Cruise. There is a good difference between both of these two cruise services. It is difficult to suggest which one is best because each of them has its own qualities

Dhow Cruise:

The Arabic dhow vessels were utilized for transportation within the earlier days. In spite of the fact that the wooden dhow vessels, which as a rule have an upper deck as well as a lower deck, seem like modern fine restaurants. The Dhow cruise is available on both sides of the city. Its route is different from the Marina cruise. It gives you a tour of Dubai Creek also known as Diera creek. 

Dubai Creek is an old city of Dubai with many artifacts and arts. The Dubai Creek divides the city into two areas Bur Dubai and Deira. The Dubai Creek shows you the old side of Dubai with places like Gold Souk and many more. There are fewer sights to view in Creek but definitely amazing. The Dhow Cruise is also made to represent the classic Dubai structure.

There are many companies that offer traveling in Dhow cruise and superior food like Alexandar Dhow cruise, Jameela cruise dinner, and a lot of others. If you want to see the traditional Dubai or get to know about Arabic traditions, you should pay a visit to Dhow Cruise.

Marina Cruise:

Dubai Marina is the newer version of the new Dubai. It features an artificial canal city with high rises and a beautiful representation of modern architecture on both sides. It is home to some of the world’s most luxury hotels, as well as lavish cafes and restaurants and charming boutiques. Dubai Marina is everything that the city is known for such as an extravagance, fashion, and amusement. During the Marina Cruise dinner, you’d get to see a dazzling sky, decorated with buildings that have a particular fashion and engineering. Besides, whereas cruising along the Marina, you’d get to involve cable cars and cars passing over the bridges over you.

There are several cafes and restaurants. The Dhow of the Marina is very luxurious and does not portray the picture of traditional Dubai. Maintained and lavish boats are part of the Marina Cruise to give the complete feeling of advancement and technology. The Marina Cruise seems to be much fun as there are more sights than Dubai Creek. 

The Marina cruise’s atmosphere is lively than Dhow Cruise. Live entertainment such as singing and cooking sessions. The Marina cruise is costly than the Dhow cruise because of its services and provides comparatively  a long route. Be it any cruise Dhow or Marina one thing is guaranteed that you will enjoy a quality time and delicate food of every type like continental, traditional and many more. 

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