Wholesale Cotton Face Masks Vs. Other Fabric Masks

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Undoubtedly, a face mask is a great savior to prevent coronavirus from attacking our bodies. In 2020, it was heart-wrenching to see millions of lives struggling with the pandemic and bid goodbye forever. The introduction of vaccination is surely a great relief; however, it’s not a permanent cure. So, it’s essential for us to take care of our health and follow preventive measures. Here, face masks are one of the crucial measures to protect our lives. Retailers are buying face masks in good quantities to ensure their customers never experience out-of-stock. However, the question is whether to opt for wholesale cotton face masks or other fabric masks. I will be covering all the detailed facts below.  

Also, Learn Why to Wear Face Masks 

When Covid-19 broke into the world, a few things introduced by the World Health Organization to control the virus spreading were: sanitizers usage, face masks application, social distancing, and isolation in case of symptoms. People globally followed the WHO guidelines sincerely to prevent the virus. There was a great hassle worldwide, and the United States was highly impacted during the initial months of the pandemic.  

When things became regular and the government allowed people to go back to their normal routine, face masks were compulsory almost everywhere. Some research says cloth masks stop the transmission of respiratory illnesses like coronavirus. The droplets released due to coughing, sneezing can be prevented by wearing a good quality face mask. Moreover, the utmost purpose was to reduce the transmission of coronavirus; that’s why masks in bulk were purchased by the retailers. 

Which Fabric of Masks is Ideal?

➤ Cotton 

The most widely used material for face masks is cotton. Every day, millions of people purchase cotton face masks online & offline. Femme Custom wholesale cotton face masks are purchased in great numbers by the retailers. The primary reason is the finest quality which increases the lifespan of the mask. Another solid reason for buying wholesale cotton face masks is breathability. People experience that cotton face masks prevent suffocation, and they can wear them for longer hours which no other fabric does. 

➤ Nylon

Apart from cotton face masks, nylon face masks are also selling high. Nylon has the capability to prevent droplets due to cough or sneeze. However, in comparison to cotton, the ranking is a bit low as one cannot wear it for longer hours. It makes it difficult to breathe and can cause breathing issues. People dealing with asthma should avoid wearing masks made up of nylon. 

➤ Paper Materials 

The production of face masks is accelerated as people want their protection to be high when they are out of their homes. Manufacturing paper materials face masks were also high as they are highly protective in nature and allow you to breathe normally. But the constraint is durability, as they are not used after two or three times. So, these masks increase the expense of consumers. 

What To Choose? 

With the above facts, you are clear that cotton masks are the better choice. Keep in mind to get it from the right source selling quality cotton face masks. 


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