Why Are Women Obsessed with Shoes?


Boots, heels, flats, sandals, clogs, wedges, and whatnot? Women are obsessed with shoes, and you can find a huge variety of shoes everywhere. Numerous stores like Bata, Hush Puppies, style, and Metro offer huge shoe collections to their customers, keeping their preferences in mind.

Ladies love shoes, and just like clothes, they also stalk shoes through blogs and fashion magazines. Women also look for shoe sales and search for discounted designer shoes. Women in Pakistan can benefit from metro shoe sales or Bata sales also.

Many women love to collect shoes. Some women are obsessed with shoes and have wardrobes filled with shoes of multiple colors and styles. Some women don’t even have space in the house, but they purchase them just to display them.

But the question here is why women love shoes so much? Let’s talk about some of the reasons why women are obsessed with shoes and love to collect them.

●       Love of Women for Shoes

Shoes are no doubt gorgeous, and they enhance the appeal of your attire. Women love to walk on the streets in different types of shoes.

Beautiful shoes can enhance the look and beauty of your outfit, and at the same time, ugly and bad shoes can destroy the look of your attire.

No attire is complete without a pair of cute shoes. The manufacturers put effort into manufacturing a huge variety of shoes that are appropriate for every lady.

High heels add glamor to your look and make you look taller. Some women prefer flats over heels because they travel a lot. So, there is a pair of shoes for every woman.

Amazing mid-calf or thigh-high boots complement the seasonal layering in the winter. In the summer, strappy sandals are a great way to show off your new feet while staying cool. The shoes are lovely and come with several options.

Some women purchase ridiculously expensive shoes to show their class. While some women look for comfortable yet economical shoes. Women like to collect them all and love to wear new shoes with every dress.

●       Shoes Give Confidence to Women

Just like makeup gives confidence to women, so do shoes. They complete an outfit. For example, you can wear flats or heels with your black dress. Or you can add glamor to a simple dress by wearing high heels. At the same time, you can also wear casual or fancy shoes to increase your confidence.

●       Improve Your Posture

Your posture also improves if you wear the right shoes. Many back issues are caused by leaning forward and wearing improper shoes, as anyone with back problems knows. Shoes can completely transform your appearance, and wearing heels also make you look taller.

●       Perfect for All Occasions

There are so many different types of shoes available that you can wear on every occasion. You can find ideal shoes for festivals. You can find suitable heels for special events or can get comfy shoes for everyday use. There are boots for cold and snow, beach sandals, and a range of other shoes for every place.

Check out the metro shoe collection and purchase your favorite shoes at amazing rates. 

●       Offer More than Protection

Shoes are not just meant to protect your feet from cold or from getting hurt. Shoes are now a fashion statement. They make you look appealing and enhance the look of your attire. They are also worn as part of fashion. 

●       Retail Therapy

Purchasing shoes is seen as a more pleasurable experience than visiting a spa or beauty salon. Seasonal fashion shifts help to explain why women purchase more shoes than men. Men’s fashion is more conservative and changes less often from year to year. Many women said they wore many pairs of shoes for social and practical reasons.

Buying shoes has been said to increase the dopamine level in women. It gives you confidence and is a part of retail therapy.

Your shoes also reveal your personality, whether you are a confident and outgoing individual or someone who is laid-back and easygoing. Heels are normally preferred by career-oriented women with strong femininity.

Women who don’t care about other people’s perceptions and prefer their own comfort like to wear ballet shoes and sneakers more often. Those who choose gleaming, pointed-toe shoes are definitely more daring, whereas those who prefer wedges are less so.

●       Conclusion

Women are so much more into fashion than men. They love to wear nice and fancy sandals and like to enhance their appeal. Women like to look unique and different from others, and shoes are a great way for them to display their individuality. Women can purchase any type of shoes they like according to their interests and preferences.

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