Why do People Get Hurt and Injured on a Camp?


Camping is all fun and entertainments as far as people going on these campsites are prepared and cautious. Some negligences of the people going camping and the irresponsibility of the authorities arranging these camps result in unpleasant experiences. Such irresponsibilities and negligences result in camp site injuries for both the campers and the camping staff.

The worst that could happen on a campsite is the loss of lives due to severe injuries and the unavailability of aid at the moment. These injuries will affect your experience, and you will not be able to enjoy your journey to the fullest. A person planning to go camping must read this article and get familiar with the unusual and unpleasant things that could happen if precautionary measures are not taken.

Keep reading this article till the very last point to get familiar with the reasons why most people get hurt and injured on a campsite.

Top 6 Reasons People Get Injured On A Campsite

Camping does not turn out to provide the same experience to everyone. The experiences a camper will have depends upon the arrangements they have made and the organizers responsible for making these arrangements. The experience of the campers may get affected due to severe injuries on a campsite, and there could be several reasons for these injuries.

Following are some reasons people get hurt and injured during camping and how they can avoid these injuries.

Lack of camping skills

Not every campsite requires special skills and experience to camp, but there are several camping sites for which you need special training and equipment. Such campsites are more likely to create troubles and injuries and must be avoided as there is no possibility of getting instant help at such places. You do not have to get sad if you do not have any special training because there are certain safe places you can go camping. Some of the safest and preferable are the overnight camping Dubai located services where you can enjoy a safe, luxurious camp.

Falls during camel riding

One of the best things about camping in Dubai is camel riding; people never miss out on the opportunity to experience these rides. You might get injured during these camel rides if you fail to maintain your balance and might fall. You can avoid these injuries and accidents by enjoying these rides under the supervision of experts and professionals. These experts will guide you about the basics and then will let you ride a camel.

Not wearing the PPE

One cannot go camping with casual wear or with the clothing we wear for our daily life activities. You need to know what type of clothing and equipment you need to take with you to the campsite. Not wearing the protective equipment and tools will result in injuries leading to deaths. For example, if you are going to a mountainous site for a camp, then you need to pack your camping gear accordingly. Get expert advice and help on what kind of equipment you can take with you for ensured security.

Improper footwear

Feet injuries and fractures are also some of the most common injuries faced by the campers. These may occur due to falling or maybe because you are not wearing the proper shoes. It is crucial that you are having proper footwear on campsites because the chances of getting bitten by a snake or any other insect are higher in the wild. Buy yourself shoes that are comfortable and safe as well to help you avoid injuries and insect attacks.

Improper handling of camping tools

Sometimes the people on camp get injured because of the failure to deal with the camping tools. For instance, while setting a tent, you might get yourself injured by any sharp object or tool. Make sure to be careful while using such camping tools and get proper assistance and help while using such sharp tools. Even a small injury could turn out to be your biggest nightmare which is why you need to avoid any minor or major injury.

It’s the place itself

The place you decide to go camping also plays a key role in defining whether you will be safe or not. Hilly and mountainous spots are more dangerous places, and the chances of getting injured are always higher. At first, you should avoid going to such places, especially with families, and if you still insist on going, make sure you have experts with you. You can also book camping services to enjoy the safe yet mesmerizing deserts while enjoying delicious food with your family.

Make your campings safe!

If you are planning to go camping, you must make sure that you have made all the necessary arrangements. If you plan to go camping with an organizer, make sure they are experienced and provide secure and safe services. These experienced organizers will make sure that you face no difficulties on the campsite without facing any severe injuries. So, make sure to consult the camping services and mark a day full of adventures in your good books.


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