Why is my Printer not Printing Correctly?


A printer is one of the necessary devices for the office and home. If the printer shows issues then your work may get delayed. Printers can show errors like slow printing, faded printouts, etc. Whenever a printer error occurs, the user should inspect its parts and program for fixing it. The common printer errors can be repaired manually.

A common error on the printer device

  1. The printer is running very slow
  2. Memory full warning message
  3. Paper Jam
  4. The printer is giving faded printouts
  5. Unable to connect the printer to the router

Fixing common issues on the printer device

Printer shows error message 

If the printer shows any error unexpectedly then restart the device. Your printer device is getting into error due to any kind of runtime error. Before you search for any solution, try restarting the printer. Many printer errors get resolved by restarting it. Again, run the device and check the printer for error code. When the printer is still showing the error then use the printer troubleshooter. It will repair the errors on the printer file and then the user can take printouts reliably.

The printer is giving faded printouts

If the user gets any printout quality-related issues then he should check the ink cartridges. Printout quality reduces when the ink level is low. Whenever you start getting faded printouts; change the cartridge. Remove the empty cartridge and get a new cartridge for your printer. Never use a clone cartridge; it provides low-quality printouts. Instead, check for refills. Take the empty cartridge and then refill it with the ink. Reinstall that cartridge on your printer. If your printer is not acknowledging the refilled cartridge then try reinstalling all cartridges. Install the refilled cartridge on another slot. Check if the cartridge is working correctly or not. If yes, then remove it and install it on the correct cartridge. Install all cartridges and take the printouts. Some users get HP printer printing wrong colors. It occurs when the user has installed the ink cartridge on the wrong slot. Check the cartridge and install it in the correct slot. Now the printer will start printing the images correctly.

The printer is showing memory full warning

Like a PC, your printer also has a memory. The printer can store lots of print jobs so the user can send lots of print commands at once. Every printer has a different memory size. The user gets the memory full message when they send lots of print jobs and printer memory overflows. If you are getting the warning, stop sending new print commands. Wait until the printer takes the printouts of existing jobs. Once the printer memory gets enough free space; you can send new print jobs easily. 

Printer connection error

For the connection error on your printer, you have to check the USB cable. If the cable seems loose, eject it and then connect it correctly. Don’t use damaged cable on the printer. Using cables of other devices can also show errors as they are usually low-speed cables. Only use the high-speed USB cable on the printer. When errors occur on wireless printer connection, check the network. Restart your router and again search for the network on the printer. Also, restart the wps pin for hp printer connections. 

Slow printouts

If the printer is very old then its speed will start reducing automatically. The colored printouts take more time to print. If you need a black and white printout, change the printing mode. Use low-quality mode for printing. This mode uses low ink and provides printouts of low quality. But you can still use this mode for simple printing. On network printing, you can increase the speed by placing the device near the router. Another method is using cable as the network printing is slower than cabled printing. But use the high-speed cable for increasing the printer speed. 



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