Sun. Sep 26th, 2021
    Why is RFID suitable for retailers

    The benefits of using RFID in retail stores are countless. It is not only beneficial for the store but also makes the shopping experience good for consumers. 

    This technology can help retail stores improve their stock control and optimize inventory purchases. As a result, sales increase, and the holding costs decrease. Thus, the retail stores using them flourish. 

    Let’s look at why a RFID tape is suitable for retail stores and how they are used. 

    How do they work?

    RFID uses radio waves to read and transfer data from small chips, which are BLU adhesive, to a device also known as the reader. The reader then sends the information to an asset tracking system. There the data is saved, checked, and used.

    They help track retail assets

    RFID is commonly used to track physical things. In recent times, a lot of retail stores have started taking advantage of this technology. 

    This is mainly because studies show a 5.5 percent increase in sales due to their use. Furthermore, studies have also demonstrated the stock holding to decrease, a decrease in stolen and lost inventory. Also, due to RFID, the cost of staff has been reduced. 

    It improves the stock control

    A significant advantage of RFID is that it can scan numerous assets at one time. With a barcode, you have to scan one item, which slows down the whole process. 

    Due to this reason, you can check the stocks with ease and efficiency. If this work were done manually, it would take days to complete. Once you check the stocks, you will know if you need more stock. This way, you will not be wasting any stock by ordering extra stock. Also, there will be no shortage of items. 

    Once you have complete stock, your customers will be satisfied and will be getting everything they ask for. 

    Enhances the customer’s shopping experience

    RFID has been making the customer experience better and easy. For example, some shops have started using the ‘scan and shop’ feature. It allows you to scan your product as you shop. This saves customer’s time as they no longer have to wait for a cashier to scan each and every product in their cart. 


    RFID is not a new technology and was even used in World War I to find an aeroplane. However, now this technology has been improved and has been perfected. Thus, it has been making the work of retail stores easy and efficient!

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