Why Lab Grown Diamonds are Revolutionizing the Diamond Industry in South-Lake


Lab grain diamonds may not be natural but their demands are rising. South Lake wholesale lab-grown diamonds are offered by most jewelers and they have a reason for it. Lab-grown diamonds have the same priorities as naturally mined diamonds so it is the best alternative for a natural diamond. 

Reasons Why Lab Grown Diamonds are Revolutionizing the Diamond Industry in South-Lake

More Affordable

Lab-grown diamonds are cheaper by 50% or lower compared with the prices of natural diamonds. That’s why most people prefer lab-grown diamonds since they can save and at the same time get the quality of the diamond they want. Especially if they are aware that lab-grown diamonds have the same property as those natural ones. 

More Choices

Since lab-grown diamonds can be made within 6 to 10 weeks, there are more varieties to choose from when opting for natural diamonds, especially since the source is already decreasing. With the variety that lab-grown diamonds have you can easily find the specific grades you are looking for. 

More environmentally Friendly  

The main reason why lab-grown diamonds are invented is because of the rising issues on the ways in which natural diamonds are harvested. When natural diamonds are harvested heavy equipment and a lot of digging are made which can cause damage to the environment. Since more and more people are becoming more concerned about the environment, they are hesitant to buy natural diamonds. But now that they can buy lab grain diamonds they can feel no guilt about the issue of the environment. 

Good Quality

Since lab-grown diamonds have the same property and composition as natural diamonds then they are durable and invincible too. This is what makes diamonds pricey, they don’t easily break and they can last long. 

Are lab-grown diamonds in South Lake environmentally friendly and ethical?

Creating lab-grown diamonds doesn’t require the digging of solid and removing layers and layers of earth, therefore they are environmentally friendly. Lab-grown diamonds in South Lake follow the process that includes CVD and HPHT.  

How to tell the difference between a mined diamond and a lab-grown diamond?

It is honestly hard to tell the difference between lab-grown diamond and natural diamond if we base it on appearance and properties. Since they appear exactly the same it is hard to tell. However, there are factors we can consider such as:


The price tag alone of a diamond can tell if they are naturally mined or a lab grain diamond since they have a big price difference. That’s why it is ideal to know the prices of diamonds before visiting a shop. Although most shops would immediately inform buyers that they are selling lab-grown diamonds or natural diamonds. The pricing of lab-grown diamonds is still based on their properties. 


When it comes to the value of a diamond, natural diamonds still have a higher value compared with lab-grown diamonds. The source has something to do with it, naturally mined diamonds are made for billions of years which means they are indeed precious and some are even hard to find. This feature makes it have a higher value. So when it comes to investing, natural diamonds can still be the best choice. 


Natural diamonds have issues when it comes to mining them, that’s why it comes to sustainability. Lab-grown diamonds can be a good choice because they are made in the lab which means there are no major activities that can have environmental issues. Creating lab-grown diamonds will not compromise the environment and still provide the desires of the people for diamonds. 

Now that you have an idea of why lab-grown diamonds are revolutionizing the diamond industry in South-Lake then you can opt for lab-grown diamonds instead of natural diamonds. You can get it at a cheaper price plus you won’t feel guilty wearing that diamond since you are aware that there was no mining done getting that diamond. Plus lab-grown diamonds are now on trend then no one would actually notice if you are wearing a natural diamond or not unless they are skilled diamond experts.  So next time you buy diamonds try lab-grown diamonds and see its beauty and enjoy the affordable price you can buy it with. 

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