Why Move to Calgary?


Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is a major city of the Great White North, and let’s say it from the outset: people like living here.

If you’re looking for Calgary homes for sale, knowing that probably helps. If a million other people like living in the city you want to call home, you might end up feeling better about this big change in your life.

But we also can’t just let it up to the crowds to make our decisions for us. That alone is never enough. You should also check out some concrete reasons for Calgary being your new home.

So, here’s the question: why move to Calgary? Let’s list some reasons to answer it.

It’s Clean

When we say Calgary is clean, what do we mean, exactly? Is it literally free of dirt and grime? Is its crime rate low? Is it just generally happy?

Pretty much all of the above, but mostly the first one.

Calgary has repeatedly made lists of the world’s cleanest cities. Strict regulations around littering have kept the streets clean, and there is relatively little pollution to speak of.

Couple those things with the fact that the water is clean and clear and the sewage systems are top-notch, and you’ve got one major reason to move to Calgary: it takes sanitation seriously and is ready to service any and all people who want to call it home.

It Wants to Shield You from the Cold

Okay, listen up here: Calgary gets cold. In the winter, temperatures can sometimes get down to -11 degrees Celsius. So no lies there.

However, consider the Plus 15 Skywalk. Never heard of it? Allow Calgary to correct that.

The Plus 15 Skywalk is a complex network of covered footbridges that interlock buildings in downtown Calgary specifically for the purposes of letting people get around safely and in comfortable warmth.

The skywalk is set 15 feet above the ground, hence its name, and has been used by many who just can’t bear to step outside until they really need to. Not a bad deal, right?

Low Taxes

The province of Alberta does not require a sales tax on purchases, only a 5% goods and services tax. Residents of Alberta consider themselves lucky in that regard, since every other province in Canada does indeed feature a plucky sales tax.

This benefit will often draw people from other provinces to travel to somewhere like Calgary for shopping or other spending delights. Of course when you literally live in Calgary and do all your shopping there, you’re going to be saving a ton compared to your other Canadian brothers and sisters.

It’s one of the biggest perks we can think of here.

All in all, Calgary is a wonderful city filled with nice people and a forward-thinking government. Sure, it gets cold, but where else is going to offer everybody a bunch of skywalks for avoiding that cold?

In conclusion: what’s not to love about the great northern city of Calgary?

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