Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

    The pandemic took a toll on our daily lives and has ruined plans for loads of people out there. Be it their wedding plans, vacation ones, or business plans. Everyone is facing a lot of difficulty during this time, especially couples who want to get married.

    This is why save the date cards are quite important. These cards allow you to let your guests know to save the date and join you for your wedding. This way, they won’t make any other plans at all.

    What To Write In Your Save To Date Invites?

    Huge gatherings must be avoided during the pandemic and this is why people now only invite people close to them to their weddings. Now, if you are someone sending across the gold save the date cards to people, you need to write an important note in there. Leave a message saying that this is the date you have chosen for your wedding however if you have to make some changes in the future due to the pandemic; you will inform your guests. Add saying that the safety of your guests is important for you and that is why you have only invited a small number of people. That’s it!

    How To Send Across Your Invites?

    Wondering how to send across your invites since you can’t visit people? Well, there are many other ways you can do so. Have a look at them down below.

    Mailed Cards

    This is the traditional way to send across save the date cards. People simply love it! Many couples out there have been doing this during the pandemic to send across change the date as well as save the date cards. You should choose a really pretty design to send over such invites to your guests. They will appreciate it for sure. After all, who doesn’t love a fancy mail, right?

    • Social Media or Email

    Another thing you can do is send over the invites via social media or email. You can write a cute message on top asking your guests to save the date and be there on your special day. Attach the invite along and send, that’s it! The thing about this method is that it is not costly at all and is quite quick as well. You can literally send the invite with a single click. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

    Why Choose Save The Date Cards?

    The reason you should choose save the date cards is that people won’t be making any plans on that very day. They will be able to clear their schedule and be there on your big day. You can send over the invites 2-4 months before the wedding and make sure everyone is able to attend it.

    Wrapping It Up! Save the date cards have gained huge popularity due to the pandemic as they have made lives a lot easier. They are a must for people who are planning their wedding during this time so that you can spend your big day with people close to you

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