Why should I take a Professional MBA Degree after BTech?


Master of Business Administration (MBA) is often regarded as a stepping-stone to a successful career. That’s why the degree is a most sought-after career programme among ambitious professionals, and BTech graduates are no exception. A report published by Scaler reveals that MBA degrees are more common among BTech graduates. The Scaler report also suggests that an MBA is the most popular career option for engineers after BTech. However, there are a variety of reasons for engineers to acquire an MBA degree. So, let’s discuss these reasons thoroughly in this blog.

Reasons to choose MBA after BTech degree

  1. Career advancement

Despite having sound technical knowledge, it is pretty difficult to get a promotion beyond a point in multinational companies, such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, or others. An MBA degree adds value to your resume and helps you achieve all your professional goals. 

  1. Competitive salary package

The salary slab for a specific job depends upon the educational background and experience of the candidate. Besides this, skillsets and knowledge play an equal role in deciding the salary package of an applicant. With an MBA degree in your hand, you raise your marketability as business and management graduates possess managerial and transferrable skills, considered an asset for any company. So, having organizational skills along with technical expertise will eventually increase your value in the market.

  1. Managerial skills

When you are eyeing the corner office, technical expertise alone is insufficient to gain an edge over competitors. You will require managerial skills besides sound technical knowledge. With the right skills, you can land a high-paying job in leading multinational companies. In addition, you will be offered mid and senior management roles. You can even make it to supervisory and visionary positions in any company with an MBA degree after engineering.

  1. Career switch

Another benefit of pursuing an MBA after engineering is a smooth transition in the career. As MBA provides knowledge of a variety of disciplines, including accounting, human resources, operations, planning, marketing, sales, and finance, you can work in a spectrum of industries. Additionally, your prospect of employment naturally escalates with an MBA degree in the global labour market. As MBA is an internationally recognised programme, you can even work across the world.

  1. Overall understanding of business

Another crucial reason for choosing an MBA programme after engineering is the willingness to acquire a deep understanding of business. After working for several years, many of us desire to start or build a business of our own rather than working for someone else. However, it isn’t possible without in-depth knowledge of business fundamentals. Acquiring an MBA degree will allow you to set up a business from scratch.

Wrapping Up

If you’re feeling stuck or need to fast-track your career, a professional MBA degree is the right fit for you. Opting for an MBA in Singapore will ensure your growth across all the verticals of an organization. Explore the best MBA colleges in Singapore to make a well-informed decision!

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