Tue. Sep 28th, 2021

    The quizzing show has become an influential part of India’s television. Many Indian households have integrated the show into their daily lives and the energetic presence of Amitabh Bachchan, who hosts it. Read about Why should you watch KBC.

    The show is not just a source of entertainment but also a source of education as well. As many people are asked about general knowledge, history, science, etc. Through the show, people have gained an escape from the daily monotony. With the KBC lottery winner answering multiple questions live on television, testing their general knowledge.

    Apart from academic knowledge, people gain knowledge about social issues such as minorities, class discrepancies, and market saturation. Moreover, people have become more aware of these issues as it provides the information through an entertaining medium.


    Many people, especially children, who are fond of watching the show daily are learning about multiple subjects and current affairs. Moreover, the quiz form of lottery motivates people to research and learn new things and different subjects.  

    A fun household game has been invented through this show, where kids find new facts and information. Then use those points to have a quiz with their family members with the winner getting a prize mush like a KBC lottery winner.


    The KBC network has added a new feature where they call victims of social issues and ask them to tell their stories. The people are victims of acid attacks, harassment, child abuse, and other issues. This has tackled a serious issue about educating the youth. The feature is called Karamveer.

    Now the youth can hear their stories and get inspiration and knowledge about what is happening in their society. This also gives the victims an opportunity to share their stories with the world and gain solace.

    Social issues

    The show is changing the dynamic of victims suffering in the dark without any voice. The show gives them a chance to voice their story and gain support. The audience can also interact with them and ask meaningful questions.

    This feature has allowed people to start having conversations about social issues in their households. When people start having conversations about these issues in their households, then the level of awareness increases.


    Watching a show, eager to learn who the next KBC lottery winner would be, excites many people. It creates a great atmosphere in a family setting.


    The show is an excellent form of entertainment. It creates an emotion of suspense and wonders when the KBC lottery winner is about to be announced. The show has educated people on many issues as well through entertainment.\

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