Why Should Students Check Their Essays Online To Ensure Its Originality?


Plagiarism checking has become very important these days especially for students. If you think that plagiarism checking is not important then you need to think again and get your facts straight. In this post, we are going to tell you all about the different reasons why it is important for students to check their essays for originality. 

Plagiarism in academia – is it important to prevent it?

Plagiarism is the act of stealing and using content that has already been published on the web. Today plagiarism exists in multiple types which is why you need to be extra careful in checking it even if you have created an essay from scratch and without any help.

Accidental plagiarism is getting very common these days. It is referred to as duplication which occurs in academic documents including essays, assignments, thesis papers, etc! Academic plagiarism can be intentional or it can also be accidental. Yes! It is very much possible that your essays can have plagiarism in them even if you haven’t taken as near as help from anyone. The reason is that multiple people working on the same niche and topics can have similarities in their work.

Plagiarisms in academic documents have severe consequences which is why you need to religiously check them.  

How can students check the originality of their work?

In the past, the only known method to check plagiarism in content was manually searching and comparing it with Google or any other search engine. This method has become outdated since the launch of online plagiarism checkers. 

Plagiarism checking tools are cloud-based programs that are capable of scanning your essays as well as all other academic work for duplication errors. There are hundreds of plagiarism tools on the web but you should only go for the tool which is free and easy to use. This plagiarismchecker.co website is ideal for students who want to check their essays and assignments every now and then. This website provides a free plagiarism checker that is very easy to use so you can check the originality of your work within less than seconds. All you have to do is enter the text or the word files in the tool and hit the ‘check plagiarism’ button. The plagiarism checker would scan your work, analyze it, and would compare it with billions of web pages in less than seconds. You would get to know about the percentage of originality and duplication plus you would also get to know about the exactly matched sources.

Some of the major consequences of plagiarism are mentioned below!

Consequences of Plagiarism commonly faced by students!

Here are some of the common effects of plagiarism that a student can face these days. Keep in mind that all types of plagiarism have the same consequences so you won’t be able to hide under the shadow or excuse of accidental plagiarism.

  1. Duplication in essays can get your work rejected

A very common effect of plagiarism is that it can get your work rejected. If your essay has plagiarism or similarities in it then it would be rejected by the teacher. This would waste both your time and energy consumed in creating the essay.

  1. Plagiarism in an essay can get you negative marks 

Another common effect of plagiarism is negative marking. Your essay can get negative marks if it has similarities in it. So if you don’t want to get negative marks despite all your efforts then we would suggest you check the originality of your essay before submission.

  1. Plagiarism can ruin your credibility in the class

Another consequence of plagiarism is that it can ruin your credibility and personal reputation in the classroom. You won’t be trusted by your teachers or your fellow colleagues. 

  1. Plagiarism can get you expelled from the school

Cases of cheating and plagiarism have severe effects. One of the most hardcore consequences is getting expelled from the school/college. If you are repeatedly found plagiarizing in your essays and assignments then you might get expelled with a bad character certificate.

These are some of the common consequences of plagiarism that you might face. It doesn’t matter whether your work has accidental, intentional, or even self-plagiarism in it. You would be facing the same consequences if your work has duplication in it. Now if you don’t want to face the troubles caused by plagiarism then we would suggest you check the originality of your work before submitting it to your teacher!

Some tips to avoid plagiarism!

Other than using a plagiarism checker you should also:

  • Use paraphrasing tool when duplicating content from other sources.
  • Always cite the sources from which you have taken help.
  • Add quotation marks to highlight the content which doesn’t belong to you.
  • Start well in time so that you can make proper research before writing. Short deadlines can result in plagiarism.
  • Take help from your teacher!

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