why to use Polypropylene propylene cabinets for Storage

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Optimized storage space is essential for conducting any research work. While planning to look for standard furniture for your laboratory needs, it’s necessary to get a clear idea about what is needed and make the right choices. The cabinets should be convenient and not occupy too much space but storing in all you need. Amongst many Propylene cabinets are prevalent for extensive use. Let’s look into why you should choose it over others. 

Are you making the right choice?

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Market research states that cabinets are one of the most desirable furniture for a laboratory. Any lab researching technical, chemical, medical-related innovations require rampant space for storing all the essentials safely. One cannot take the risk of storage casualties or misplacing a sample. Thus it is necessary to use a standard, spacious, and innocuous material for cabinet use.

  • Pyro propylene is a polymer of propylene that is highly stable and toxic-free. A cabinet made of propylene is a safe vault for all the chemicals as it is itself unreactive. It is a thermoplastic polymer belonging to the polyolefin group and is crystalline and non-polar. This stability makes it an ideal choice for your cupboard needs. When any hazardous or active element is placed inside it, it does not react with it thus preserving its original composition.  Such cabinets are safe and hazard-free and can be used over a long period. As compared to steel cabinets, the fumes generated inside does not affect the durability and effectiveness of the cabinet. It would not react to any acidic or corrosive elements.
  • The apt and smart structural build of the cabinet is appealing to the customers and that is the reason why it is frequently used. The cabinet features an epoxy powder coated mobile stand, full-height access doors, and removable shelves with customized configuration. The access door is available in acrylic or static-dissipative PVC for enhanced resistance and capability. Tempered glasses are placed over doors to give an easy view for the observers. They are ideal for use in stockrooms, laboratories, and cleanrooms. 
  • The strength that propylene offers is remarkable. Due to the polymer nature of the compound, it has additionally built-in strength to withstand all the weights of heavy equipment. They remain tough and unweathered despite regular usage. The shelves and doors have a strong locking system to facilitate safety parameters. The mobile stand is easy to be removed and shifted for convenience. It can withstand external pressure, temperature, and humidity changes in the environment without deteriorating. 
  • The propylene cabinets are highly portable and light-weighted.  This is why it is preferred extensively. That would facilitate easy shifting solutions in case needed. The steel cabinets are heavy and occupy a large space that makes it look bulky and outdated. These propylene cabinets are plastic and can be remolded and designed into any size and dimension for becoming the perfect fit. It offers a huge structural flexibility build that makes it efficient for use. There are several models with a varying number of shelves of unique dimensions at affordable ranges for the laboratory. A versatile solution to the storage needs of the customer is provided with Polypropylene Storage Cabinet.
  • Many cupboards have a poor ventilation system that allows the breeding of germs and microorganisms over prolonged periods of storage. Propylene cabinets promote a well-ventilated space that does not let air stagnate in and around the cabinet. The enclosure allows free passage of air to keep the surrounding within the cabinet at room temperature and maintain its freshness. It also has suction fans to suck fumes, smoke, or any dust out of the system through channelized outlets.  
  • Due to the stable and inert nature of the propylene compound, this cabinet is free of corrosion. It does not rust easily and get damaged. The compound does not even react to moisture facilitating adequate relative humidity within the enclosed space. The compound being non -polar does not have charged ions for displacement reaction. As a result, it maintains its molecular structure promoting resistance and robustness.

The laboratory has so many chemicals, instruments, kits, and working devices that need to be stored properly for timely use. A well-sorted cabinet makes it easier to work and deal with numerous research samples. This is the reason why most lab technicians prefer propylene cabinets for hassle-free storage needs.


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