Why WordPress Is Still Popular for Website Development in 2021?

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WordPress is widely recognized as the most widely used content management system (CMS) on the internet. This platform now powers 39.6% of websites (+13 percent year over year) and 40% of the Internet. But why is WordPress so popular, and is it a good choice if you need a dependable website for your company? If you are looking for best WordPress Development Company India  with good experience WordPress developers than get in touch with Web Development India.

WordPress was created with the aim of serving as a blogging site. Adding new posts, posting them on social media, and building static pages are the basic functions available to you when you first install WordPress. Website Development Company India can help you to develop custom WordPress website at affordable cost .

1. Create a design

WordPress, in conjunction with other sites such as Envato Market and Template Monster, provides a wide range of website templates known as Themes. A WordPress theme is a front-end style for your website that is loaded into your account. Color scheme, widget positions, page templates (layouts), fonts, and other stylistic information are all included. Free wordpress themes usually have a basic design and minimal functionality, while premium themes have more features and a more stylish design.

The low cost of such themes is a plus, as is the ability to get started without spending any money or hiring a designer.

Furthermore, you miss out on an opportunity to showcase the brand’s individuality and raise brand awareness. It’s likely that many businesses will use the same theme, and your website will appear to be very simple. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you’ll need a unique custom design.

2. Practicality

Installing plugins to extend the functionality of your WordPress website is quite easy. There are numerous plugins available on the market that can add any required functionality to your website. But don’t be overjoyed and relieved if you have a large number of them on your list. The unfortunate reality is that plugins slow down your website, and the more you load, the slower your website becomes.

3. Continual updates

Since WordPress is an open source project with a large number of developers working on it, new features are released often, and themes and plugins are updated on a regular basis. Take a look at the entire list of WordPress updates to see what I mean. The most recent publication, as you can see, was on April 29, 2020. WordPress can be revised five or more times a month on rare occasions.

4. Hacking vulnerability and insecurity

Since WordPress is the most popular CMS website, it is frequently targeted by hackers and spammers. Even installing the most up-to-date security plugins will not guarantee your safety from security breaches and malicious activities.

5. Ineffective SEO

While WordPress promotes itself as an SEO-friendly website, almost every open-source CMS is SEO-friendly. WordPress only provides simple optimization, despite the fact that it is needed to automatically optimize your website and boost your search rankings. If you want to improve the performance of your website, you’ll need to download special SEO plugins, which, as we all know, slow down the project’s loading pace.

6. Slow page loading

WordPress is also a very sluggish website due to a variety of factors. Because of heavyweight plugins, crowded databases, and a frustrating codebase, the page load speed is slowed by additional processes running. What else could cause the WordPress website to slow down? Huge and heavy photos, unoptimized for SEO, unreliable hosting, heavy themes, unoptimized homepages, unreliable CDN, and a variety of other factors can all contribute to your website’s slowness.

7. Difficult to scale

Of course, there are huge WordPress sites that manage a lot of traffic, but this takes a lot of time and resources to achieve. You’ll need to employ a wordpress specialist to set up the environment and complete the rest of the job, which could cost almost as much as custom web creation.

Furthermore, there is no guarantee that investing in a scalable WordPress website would yield results that meet your requirements. Furthermore, the user interface provided by such a website might not be ideal. As a result, if you want your business to flourish, WordPress is not the best option.

8. It is inefficient in terms of cost.

While many people use WordPress for their business websites and believe it to be simple and intuitive, WordPress is actually poorly built, resulting in multiple plugin and technology failures. What exactly does that imply? However, you will have to pay an extra $300 to $3000 for developer services. The expert will run a number of tests to ensure that everything on your website is working properly and that all plugins are compatible.

After you’ve finished your website, you’ll need to move it from your computer to a live server and share it with the rest of the world. There are two ways to get WordPress from your local server to your live website. The first choice is to employ the services of a WordPress migration plugin. The other choice is to go from a local server to a live site. However, before you migrate from localhost to a live server, you’ll need a domain name and a hosted service provider. Finally, you’ll need an FTP application and an understanding of how to use it (FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol). It helps you to upload your content to the live site by transferring files from your device to your web hosting account.

final thoughts

WordPress CMS is a common platform due to its ease of use, and it’s ideal for blogs and small business websites. However, if you want to build an efficient, stable, and usable web portal, consider the list of WordPress pitfalls.

Rather than wasting time, resources, and nerves trying to patch a WordPress-based website, hire a talented team of developers to create the website of your dreams.

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Why WordPress Is Still Popular for Website Development in 2021?

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