Winter wedding makeup tips for winter brides


Winter wedding season has begun and most brides must be freaking out about their skincare or makeup regime. When the wedding is around the corner, getting worried about your dresses, skincare, and winter makeup is quite normal. 

Being a bride, you might get understanding and feel unprepared for the D-Day. But don’t worry, we got you covered! Preparing for such an auspicious and big day of your life can’t be taken lightly. Thus, check out our winter beauty tips and tricks to stay up to the point all the time. 

  • Lock the moisture

In winters your skin tends to get drier and breakout more often as compared to any other season. So, the very first step would be to lock the moisture. To keep yourself well moisturized and nourished you can always add a good face cream and body lotion. Apply a good amount of moisture to your skin at regular intervals so that it doesn’t start to crack up. 

  • Stay Hydrated

Another reason why your skin breakout in winters is due to dehydration. Lack of water can make your skin flaky and textured. Drinking a lot of water in one day won’t help. So, keep a track of your water intake and make a schedule about a month ago. 

  • Keep your skin clean

Clean your skin properly. This is a perfect time to invest in a good facewash. No matter where you are and what the weather is, you need to keep your skin clean. The pores in your skin can catch dirt and later may cause infections or irritation while putting on makeup on a cold wedding day.

  • Test your beauty products in advance

Prepare your skin for your day by choosing the right skincare routine according to your skin type. Every product might not suit your skin type. So, don’t wait for the final day and try your beauty products well in advance to stay stress-free of any allergies and breakouts on your wedding day.

  • Avoid SPF Products

Keep away from using SPF products on your lovely winter wedding makeup looks to avoid a paled-out look outside. Using SPF products can be tricky as sometimes they eat through your makeup and make you look pale. 

  • Use a combination of powder and cream-based formulas

Consider a combination of powder and cream-based formulas. A winter bride needs to look dewy and glowing at the same time. Using a proper combination of powder and cream-based formulas can help you achieve that easily and they give off a more natural look.  

  • Add serums and makeup primer oils

Cream-based makeup will hold on to longer and will keep your skin moisturized throughout the day. You can always add serums and makeup primer oils as a base for a dewy makeup look. Blend in your products well and set them up with powder for a softer and more flawless look.

  • Lip care is a must

Don’t forget your lip care because flaky lips have the potential to ruin your day. So, you should keep them moisturized as well. Go for brown sugar and oil-based lip scrubs. Scrub your lips gently every night and lock down the moisture with a thick layer of lip balm to keep them soft and supple through the day.

  • Use waterproof formulas

Check-in for waterproof makeup products in your makeup essentials and always be prepared for a few tears of excitement and emotions. This may disturb your makeup and take your charm away and we don’t want that. So, make sure to add proper waterproof products to your makeup kit. 

  • Try a bold look

Lastly, you should definitely try a bold look. Subtle makeup looks are for summers. But winter is the perfect time to try bold make looks. Try some bold lipstick shades like berry, purple, red, and wine. Add smoky bold eyes to your makeup. Bold makeup looks amazing and stays for a longer period of time. It also looks great against the harsh winter weather.

The smile of happiness that comes from a perfect makeup look will show up instantly.

The most amazing moment in a girl’s life is marriage. It is the day that she starts a new journey in her life. You spend months or even years preparing for your wedding to make it stand out. Whether it’s a grand event or a small ceremony, whether it’s in a castle or a backyard, one needs to look flawless. Let’s make it a memorable one by adding our best efforts to your winter makeup looks. 

Don’t let the weather ruin your grand day. Be ready and be prepared for every last-minute challenge. If you found these tips helpful make sure to check out Orane’s makeup artist course for flawless winter bridal makeup looks.

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