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Write For Us Fashion

Are you having a passion for beauty or a flair for fashion? Do you have insights into the myriad of popular topic ideas that resonate in the modernized fashion world? If yes, then you are the writer we have been looking for. 

Our website, Mind Setterz is not merely a fashion trends platform. Instead, it is an incredible place to bring handy influencers, fashion enthusiasts, writers, and bloggers to a single point. All of them can verily share their vision of celebrating fashion trends by contributing to our Write for Us Fashion page.  

All you have to do is, follow our below-given guest posting guidelines. Fashion write for us guest post and submit your content on our fashion blog Mind Setterz.com. 

Fashion, Lifestyle and Beauty Category at Mind Setterz 

Our website, Mind Setterz, incredibly stands out in the world of women-centric beauty and fashion content. The eyes of our target audience navigate through ever-evolving realms of beauty, makeup, nails, hairstyles, clothing, fashion trends, and all that defines style. 

Write for us + Fashion  Guest Post submission

At Mind Setterz, our mission is to gather worldwide content that does not just follow modern trends but sets them. Thus, by encompassing everything timeless, stylish and chic, we strive our best to enrich the global women’s lives and fashion sense. 

Whenever someone searches “Write for Us + Fashion” in the Google search bar, they find our website in the topmost results. That is because our content is not about just getting the latest tips. Instead, we urge about to experience a unique fashion-forward journey that readily

  • Uplift fashion trends
  • Celebrated individuality 
  • And, offer a fresh perspective to look stylish. 

Write for Us + Fashion Guest Post Topic Ideas

Undoubtedly, fashion has always been one of the best iconic industries in the whole world. However, for us, at Mind Setterz, fashion writing always has a unique goal. 

While wiring for us, your headline and subject should be eye-catching, and your article content must be easily readable by our audience. Also, keep yourself updated with the recent fashion ideas and trends for both men and women, so that people can find comprehensive knowledge of your information. 

Write for us + Fashion Topics 

You can submit your guest posts on Mind Setterz regarding the following categories and topic ideas:

  1. Fashion 
  2. Skincare products 
  3. Beautiful makeup trends
  4. Lifestyle 
  5. Clothing items
  6. Events styling 
  7. Fashion Designing 
  8. Wedding outfits 
  9. Party styles
  10. Sustainable clothing
  11. Kids fashion 
  12. Fashion accessories
  13. Beauty and skincare 
  14. Hairstyling 
  15. Fashion-tech
  16. Footwear
  17. Apparel
  18. Fashion marketing
  19. Celebrities trends
  20. Influencers fashions
  21. Luxury wears
  22. Nail art
  23. Tattoos designing 
  24. Different types of piercing 
  25. Grooming 
  26. Men and Women styling, and many more. 


Mind Setterz does not accept guest posts on 

  • Adult content or links

Who Can Write for Us Fashion Guest Posts?

People falling in all the below-given categories can submit fashion write for us guest posts on our blog:

  1. Fashion blog owners and admins with low authority websites who want relevant backlinks to gain authority and ranking. 
  2. Fashion bloggers and writers who are passionate about gaining worldwide exposure. 
  3. Guest posting outreach experts who are eager to make an attractive back-linking profile for their global clients. 
  4. Business owners who sell fashion industry products want to get relevant traffic and boost their conversation rates. 
  5. Last but not least, bloggers who are very much into sharing the insights of latest fashion trends with fashion enthusiasts. 

Mind Setterz Write for Us Fashion Guidelines

  1. Article length/word count 

Write for us fashion guest posts for about 700 – 1000 words at least. However, there is no maximum limit as the Google search engine appreciates lengthy context suggesting that it has a good capability to organically rank in a short time. 

  1. Audience centric 

Whenever you write for us fashion articles, always remember that your fashion-related content must resonate with our target audience. It should be age and interests targeted for maximum approach. Also, there should be no extra fluff. 

  1. High–quality article 

Never present any copy-paste or spun content article to us. We want to stand out from all others in our competition, so we require very well-researched and unique content to rank at the top. Indeed, we prioritize quality over quantity. 

  1. External backlinks 

As per our fashion write for us guidelines, anyone can add a maximum of up to 2 relevant external links in his article, and maybe one in his author bio. However, as Mind Setterz, we offer you 2 permanent Do-follow backlinks. 

  1. Structure of the article 

Ensure that your article must be very well organized and structured in a proper format. It must include 

  • Introduction 
  • Headings and subheadings 
  • Good body content 
  • FAQS
  • Conclusion 
  1. Our style and format 

When you write for us fashion guest posts, always try to

  • Maintain a conversational and friendly tone
  • Use H1, H2, and H3 header tags appropriately 
  • Write crispy short paragraphs
  • Include lists and bullets
  • Add short FAQS at the end.
  1. Images 

Undoubtedly, adding the right and relevant images to the article captivates the target audience’s eyes. Always try to add non-copyrighted images. Or, if you are adding any image from any external site, never forget to add its original image source. 

  1. Relevant Sources

In the case of facts and stats-based articles, make sure to mention all the informative sources links at the end after the conclusion. However, source links may not be required for lists or information-based articles.  

  1. No plagiarism at all

Whenever you submit a write for us + fashion free guest post, remember it must pass our plagiarism check test. If it contains any copied pasted or spun content, it will be rejected on the spot. Also, never share Mindsetterz published content with anyone else. 

  1. Authenticity 

Lastly, your article content must be 100% original, and unpublished on anywhere else on the internet. We typically use tools like Copyscape and Google Checkers to uphold and ensure the integrity of content originality before publishing. 

How to submit fashion write for us guest posts on Mind Setterz?

In order to submit a write for us+fashion guest post, please read all the above-mentioned guidelines carefully. Once your content is ready, you can send it to us through our contact form, or mail us at seopro937@gmail.com Upon submission, our editorial team will first check and review if the content is unique or not, and then approve or reject accordingly. After checking, our publishing team will get in touch with you within 24 hours. 

All you have to do is provide us with unique, well-written, 100% plagiarism-free content with the links that you want to rank. And, we will publish it soon on Mind Setterz. 

Why Should You Write for Us Fashion Guest Posts?

Below are the top 5 benefits of writing and submitting your Write for us+fashion guest posts on Mind Setterz:

  1. Worldwide exposure
  2. Relevant target audience traffic who have keen fashion interest
  3. 2 Do-follow backlinks for your blog, profile or own website
  4. Increased domain authority and domain ranking
  5. Enhanced branding and targeted leads. 

Conclusion – Fashion Write for Us

Fashion enthusiasts, especially the younger generation, these days are very keen to stay updated with the latest styling and fashion trends. So, they are always looking for content informing them about the modernized trendsetters and fashion freaks. 

Welcome to Mind Setterz, an excellent platform for learning or sharing content about fashion and beauty. Bloggers from all over the world passionate about fashion, skincare, beauty, makeup, hairstyles, saloons, clothing, and cosmetic products are more than welcome to share their pieces of advice and thoughts on our website. 

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