10 Best ISFP Anime Characters


As long as there are anime, there will be some characters that you could call to a person’s face or even talk to him or her through an actual human translator. Since this is the case with all of us, we thought it would work perfectly for our website in this article. So here are the list of most popular ISFP anime characters.

1. Nubia:

It all began when he went into hiding after being put out by his family and friends. She was then joined by her twin sister Amaya (who also happens to be named Nubiia). Now they have grown up together and formed a band where they sing songs that are full of emotions. 

But unfortunately, things didn’t go exactly as they planned. They were both raised on hard times by their parents who left them after realizing that they weren’t worthy enough to give their child the attention she wanted from him. They are now left alone and Nubiia has made contact with Amaya, only to find out that they have an identical brother who turned her in the same way and wants vengeance. 

When Nubiia found out about this, Amaya thought it was strange and she tried to warn her brother, but he wasn’t going to listen and continued to do what he liked and ignored everything else around when he felt like doing so.  

2. Violetta:

She doesn’t know about the world she lives in, but she can be very funny when it comes to showing that side. Even though she is aware of everything that’s happening in her life, Joo Seokjin likes her more than ever in the third part of the Love Meets World franchise (the movie starts 15 years later after Violetta was first introduced to the whole thing. 

After Kirito found out why Violetta looks quite different compared to her usual self-isolation clothes, her mother insisted that she change her clothes and wear a nice dress. Her father however told her not to show any signs of affection towards anyone and just live her natural life while she did so.

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On the second night, Joo was shocked at the sight of her sister wearing the same dresses and even said to her mom that her new dresses looked so much better than all those before. Joo soon changed to look exactly like her other self-isolation counterparts and she was absolutely fine with it while others were not. 

When she heard the news that Violetta was born, Joo realized that this was something she had to live with. For the rest of his time being, Violetta was unable to stay at home except if he was having dinner with his dad.

Despite this change, Joo quickly learned that she could perform magic tricks, which earned her the nickname ‘Voom’ after using the technique to transform into people’s shapes, but her parents were suspicious about this. Also, it seemed like nobody wanted to accept reality outside their dreams.

3. Yuno:

Yuno seems to have gotten along with other humans quite well since meeting the mysterious girl known as Sae. She had been working as a waiter at Club D’Orsa for over three months, but the manager who hired her gave a notice that she was no longer welcome. 

To avoid being fired from her job, Yuno was advised to take refuge in the mountains and use her newfound powers over the objects around her to create illusions. She immediately found that the mountain was getting increasingly smaller, and the only thing keeping her going was her memories of the illusionary world. 

Yuno and Sae ended up creating such illusions together and she eventually found out that Yuno was indeed using her powers and that Sae was the idol that Yuno was worshipping. Since Yuno could sense the feelings and thoughts of other people’s hearts, she was able to convince Sae to help Yuno by turning her into a vampire. 

Eventually, Yuno found out that she had been lying to Sae and Yuno had deceived her after all. Yuno had just had the chance to destroy Sae by making her go into Yuno’s body and feeding off of her. 

Unfortunately, Yuno realized that he had caused all of these illusions to fall on Yuno in the process and now has the power only to cause harm from within, which she is currently seeking. Yuno is then asked to leave the mountain and the feeling that Yuno used for Sae is so strong that Yuno doesn’t even want to go back outside of his house or be near people who aren’t under the impression that this world is real. 

Yuno still wants to meet Sae, but because Yuno had to use all the power within him to make sure that he killed Sae, Yuno cannot live freely without Sae. Yuno eventually goes back to Sae’s island and attempts to kill all of the idols before dying.

4. Chayuz

She’s a bit of a weird-looking woman with glowing skin and light hair. I am fairly certain that she’s a lesbian thanks to the fact that she’s always been seen as attractive and good-looking, Not to mention, her favorite food is strawberries and her name means ‘beautiful’ in Japanese! 

At least she has the power to do so! During a school trip to a strawberry farm, Chayuza was given a strawberry apple. It was extremely delicious and the smell of the strawberry smelled great in her nostrils. 

A boy by the name of Hachiko also saw the appearance of a strawberry apple and showed Chayuza the fruits before telling Chayuza to eat them. That night, Chayuza was extremely surprised when her crush accidentally ate one of those apples. Upon eating one, it completely transformed into a strawberry and Chayuza realized that this girl, whose parents never taught her about anything, was so innocent.

5. Eren:

Eren seems to possess the power to control minds with his mind, but not yet can he even understand what a mind is. Whenever he is thinking, there are images of demons and evil souls that he creates, but they’re very difficult to distinguish and he has a dark past on his record. 

His abilities are so immense that he can change your soul into a devilish demon and erase your memory as soon as you remember any type of information that made you change yourself. If Eren gets sick, he’ll simply grab you up and feed off of your energy. 

This is why he often becomes attached to the negative spirits around him because they fill him with negativity. Eren even had to battle with Eren when he saw the spirit of a slave owner he’d never fought against before. Before he was able to release him and defeat him, Eren had to kill him. 

Eren has such deep knowledge of all things demonic that, even though he knows he was once a man, he is convinced that Eren is the strongest demon he has ever encountered (even if Eren can’t be considered a god)! What makes Eren even more interesting is that he’s able to control the minds of others and be the reason behind nearly every tragedy that occurs in society.

6. Uma:

Uma seems to be in love with her sister Amaya, so much that she gives up everything she has for her. Though she’s extremely shy and tends to hide things, she’s nonetheless very smart and intelligent. 

Having the power to control minds with her will is how she managed to manipulate Amaya into doing the exact opposite of what he originally said to her, so now she’s trapped in an endless loop where nothing goes right. 

7. Bertholdt Hoover: 

Berthold is one of the shyest and most reserved Anime characters. He is portrayed as a shy anime character. He is reserved but also emotional when it comes to those who are around him. He is a friendly character and people can easily approach him. 

8. Taiga Aisaka: 

Taiga is the heroine of the anime world. She is the most stubborn and does what she feels like doing. She is an independent spirit and sometimes she is quite emotional and adorable. 

9. Kou Minamoto:

Kou Minamoto is the male anime character and lives the most spontaneous life. He is independent and doesn’t care about his actions. Despite all these flaws, he is also a quite caring character. 

10. Ojiro Mashirao:

Ojiro is the male character and the most caring and humble anime character. He is friendly and helps the other anime character when in danger. He prefers ethics over everything and refuses to compromise. He refuses to accept the award at the tournament he feels like he does not put a lot of effort. 

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