10 Innovative Wall Painting Ideas for Your Home


Home is the signature of your luxurious lifestyle and cosy environment. When it comes to the interior design of your home, you just can’t deny the significance of the wall colours. You have to decode the range of furniture and its style after deciding the wall colour. It’s not just a pop of stain, and it’s a piece of art that your home will carry at least for the next five to six years.

So, you can’t take chances with the appearance of your home. Hence, it’s better to decide which colour will suit your mood and vibe. According to science, wall paintings play decent roles in setting the mood and perfecting the vibe. 

In addition, you can keep experimenting with colours and textures for your home. Let’s find out what wall painting ideas are in trend and can benchmark the interiors. Coving is also a best idea for you home that make your place more attractive and  also transform the atmosphere of a room.

  1. Polka Dots

Wall painting colors and styles should reflect your mindset. Additionally, they are responsible for setting your mood. If you want to escape from a gloomy day, then you should choose a playful wall painting idea. According to the painting services in Dubai professionals, small polka dots with a single colour will steal the show. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t try large and bold polka dots with a lighter shade. A combination of different colours and polka dots will also be appropriate for your interior. 

  1. Blue-Grey Matches

Currently, the trend is set to minimal and cool ideas for interior designing. White walls are the perfect canvas to show what’s going on in your mind and creativity, and you can apply a coat of nordic blues on walls.

If you prioritise Scandinavian designs, then you can’t avoid the use of Nordic blues. In this case, painters’ tapes will help you to achieve perfectly straight lines. Therefore, decide the blocks of your wall to go with Nordic blues.

  1. Watercolour

Do you want to bring a piece of solitude on an accent wall? Then, you should try watercolour design. According to the painters, watercolour design can easily draw the attention of guests to your creative walls. Turn your walls into a piece of live art with watercolour design.

This particular wall design is currently in demand and setting an exemplary trend in wall painting ideas. On the other hand, watercolour wall design is more calming and subtle. It can go with your bedroom or a specific wall of your living room.

  1. Chalkboard Wall

If you want to revamp your study or workspace, or it’s just the living room area, then you might be looking for a style statement for your walls. Then, chalkboard walls can give you the perfect shade and idea to make a unique wall accent.

Use any solid wall painting to set the background for your wall. Next, you can opt for chalkboard paint to create the desired design and texture. It looks utterly beautiful. No doubt, it will compliment your interior surroundings.

  1. Honeycomb

Sometimes, homeowners want to keep it simple yet vibrant for dining and living room walls. If you want a blend of some peppy colours, then you can try out the honeycomb wall design for your home. First, you should start with a plain, white wall.

Then, you can paint it with hexagonal shapes with different colour combinations. It will be better if you have a look at your existing furniture or flooring accessories before you decide the colour. Honeycomb designs offer you a soothing yet perky environment for dining spaces and even for a kid’s bedroom.

  1. Harlequin

We think that this specific wall design will never go out of style. You can rely on this classic wall painting idea. Harlequin design is able to add instant liveliness to your rooms. It will be even better if you can pick up the matching colour palette, according to the furniture and other accessories available in the room.

So, where does Harlequin find its place in your home? It can be your kitchen or the bedroom of your little toddler’s room. Try contrast colours to play with the magic of the Harlequin design. Bold hues for this particular wall painting design will offer more vibrant feels.

  1. Turquoise Ombre

It will be delightful if you can experience a piece of refreshment every day through your wall painting design. Yes, it’s possible with the touch of turquoise ombre. This definite wall painting idea resembles the proximity of the ocean.

The gradient of different hues is enough to melt your mind with calmness and satisfaction. On the other hand, it’s not too difficult to find complimenting furniture and accessories for your turquoise ombre walls. You can pick up gold and glass furnishing along with light wooden flooring for the perfect ambience around you.

  1. Blocks of Solid Colours

If you can’t decide on any particular design or pattern for your signature wall, then you need not be stressed out. Because solid colour blocks are in fashion, and they can do extraordinary jobs with the right pop of colour, lighting, and other factors. And, you can experiment with solid colour blocks without any hesitation.

For example, you can paint a block with a bold colour compared to the adjacent walls or blocks to that middle block. Or, you can create a block on the wall by using the painters’ tape. Make a square or any rectangular shape, and then you can start painting inside the block with a bold colour.

  1. Gingham Style

If you want to be more creative with solid block colours, then you can try Gingham styles, too. Painting shapes in squares isn’t difficult, and one can easily achieve the rustic look of Gingham style. The overall painting process is simple for Gingham design.

You have to be quite specific about the choice of colour palette that will create the right look on your accent wall. Additionally, you need to be precisely straight while drawing those squares on the wall. Gingham style is entirely about placing the right colours into blocks and getting those line, without any changes in the thickness of lines.

  1. 3D Boxes

It’s not impossible to include some fun and perk to your walls when you’re relying upon trendy wall painting ideas. 3D boxes design is here to fill your room with a three-dimensional effect. This easy-to-accomplish wall painting idea requires 3 different shades.

After you decide on three colours, you have to draft lines for 3D boxes. Make sure that colours should not combine with each other. Or else, the wall design idea can get messy. Here, painters’ tapes can be the saviour again. Additionally, lines should be precisely straight for achieving the right 3D box look.

Anything Else for Creative Wall Design Concepts?

Frankly, countless wall painting ideas can provide you with a chic and catchy look with your accent walls. These 10 wall painting ideas are currently trending in the interior design industry. Apart from this, homeowners can try horizontal and vertical stripes with two different colours. 

In addition to this, rag rolling, checkerboard, sponging, pastel triangles, and paint drips can work for your walls. To be the unique trendsetter, you can also try flowers and cross-stitched accents to draw the attention of your visitors and guests. These designs might take a while and lots of patience, but they are definitely worth the try.

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