10 Qualities that Make a Good Medical Billing Specialist


Considering the high demand for healthcare information professionals (especially since the COVID‐19 outbreak), becoming a medical billing specialist is an excellent career choice. Not only is it rewarding, but the job opportunity for a medical biller looks promising. 

Apart from having a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of medical billing, such as electronic records management, health insurance laws, anatomy and physiology, medical insurance claims etc., there are some qualities that one must possess to flourish as a medical biller. 

Here we have listed the top 10 qualities that will guide you in your journey to becoming a medical billing specialist.

  1. Good communication skills

From speaking to the health insurance agents to patients and other healthcare professionals, there’s a lot of interaction involved in the job of a medical biller. Hence, to become a medical biller, good communication skills are a must. 

  1. Troubleshooter 

One of the good qualities of a medical biller is the ability to resolve problems. If any difficulty arises with a patient’s bills or insurance claims, a medical biller needs to investigate the matter, follow up, and ensure that the problem gets resolved.

  1. Ultra-careful 

A medical biller needs to be meticulous about codes while using them in processing bills and should have a thorough knowledge of the schemes in processing claims to ensure a seamless process for both the healthcare professionals and patients. If any discrepancies in medical bills or insurance claims arise, it can result in delayed payment and loss of revenue.

  1. Multitasker 

Apart from managing several claims and attending numerous calls and visits, there are other administrative tasks that the billers may be responsible for. Hence, a medical biller needs to be a multi-tasker and should be able to complete every task successfully.

  1. Trustworthy 

Another one of the many good qualities of a medical biller is honesty. Many healthcare professionals and patients depend on a medical billing specialist to address their concerns. So, billers must maintain that trust to execute things smoothly on a day-to-day basis and ensure that the confidential information of patients and healthcare professionals is protected. 

  1. Teamwork

While working with a team, medical billers need to possess teamwork skills. They should have the ability to coordinate with their team members and make them understand the day-to-day workflow and responsibilities. They must also adopt a teamwork approach while working with medical professionals and patients.

  1. Politeness 

Since there’s a lot of interaction involved as a medical biller, politeness acts as a key to success. It helps billers make their communication with every individual easier and get their work done effortlessly.

  1. Technical skills

Medical billers must possess a decent amount of knowledge about medical billing programs, accounting, word processing applications, bookkeeping, etc. that may help them to execute certain tasks more efficiently. 

  1. Thoughtful 

At times, when patients struggle to meet their daily medical expenses due to financial strain, medical billers must be thoughtful of their situation. They must prioritize their concerns and have the ability to offer suitable solutions.

  1. Proactive 

As a medical billing specialist has to structure their day-to-day task on their own, keeping track of late payments, following up, and addressing any concerns raised by patients or professionals with a proactive approach proves worthy.

Also, many healthcare organizations are hiring medical billing specialists to avoid any payment delays and errors, leading to a golden opportunity for individuals who want to become a medical biller.

Outsourcing medical services help in streamlining many billing tasks, such as:

  • Reducing labour-cost 
  • Receiving error-free & quality work 
  • Saving time

Why do companies hire medical billing experts in India? 

India is emerging as one of the top hubs for outsourcing medical billing services. So, if you are contemplating outsourcing your medical billing services, hire medical billing experts in India to not only reduce costs but to get access to HIPAA certified experts, cutting-edge technologies, and well-versed professionals. 

Summary: How do you become a great medical biller? These 10 qualities that will guide you in your journey to becoming a medical billing specialist.

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