3 Reasons Why You Should Get Married In Las Vegas


Las Vegas weddings boomed in 2021 with over 44,000 marriages filed in the first half of the year alone — up from just 25,231 in 2020. Known as the long-standing wedding capital of the world, Las Vegas attracts anyone and everyone planning on getting hitched from young couples to those on their third, fourth, or even fifth marriages. Whether you’re looking to have a big, crazy celebration or a fast one-and-done type of deal, you’ll certainly be able to get married in style in Las Vegas.

Fun and festive

Whether you’re planning to have a small, private ceremony or a larger-than-life wedding function with plenty of guests, you’ll be able to meet your every wedding need in Las Vegas. Chapels offer multiple wedding packages to choose from, which come complete with a photographer, decor, catering, and flowers. You may even want to opt for a private wedding planner that can help you design a unique wedding tailored to your desires and budget. Elvis-themed weddings, in particular, are ever-popular in Las Vegas. A professional Elvis impersonator will give a live wedding performance and even walk you down the aisle. Alternatively, outdoor desert weddings are another popular option. In Red Rock Canyon, for example, couples can get married against a stunning backdrop of mountains, desert, cacti, colorful rock formations, and sunset views.

Quick and easy

One of the biggest draws of a Las Vegas wedding is its quick and easy legal process. There’s no waiting period required, which therefore gives you the green light for a spontaneous wedding. In Las Vegas, couples can get married on the very same day as the proposal! The Clark County Marriage License Bureau issues each couple with a marriage license to make the union valid and legal and this process couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is show up with your partner and each show staff your government-issued photo ID, so they can then start processing the marriage license. The Bureau, located on the ground floor of the Regional Justice Center in Downtown Las Vegas, is open from 8 am until midnight seven days a week, making it extremely convenient and accessible.

Cheap and cheerful

The average cost of a regular wedding in the US can reach as much as $33,900. A small Las Vegas wedding, on the other hand, can be an affordable alternative that ends up saving you thousands of dollars. In fact, many couples are able to get married in this city on a budget of just a few hundred dollars. The wedding license will usually set you back between $60-$70. Venue options can also come cheap. If you’re willing to forgo a reception hall, guests, and caterers, you won’t have to spend any more than $200.

No matter your preferences, needs, and budget, Las Vegas is the ideal wedding destination. Offering a range of different wedding packages in various price ranges along with a quick and easy legal process, it’s no wonder why this city has been the go-to destination for to-be-wed couples for so long. 

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