3 Tips to Help Choose the Right Accounting Firm For Your Small Business


There are many ways in which a small business can benefit from the services that are offered by an accounting firm. In the United States, legislators amend tax laws every year, and this may make it cumbersome for the average business owner who doesn’t have accounting knowledge. Also, when a business is buying or selling assets, there are prescribed ways in which the entries should be posted. Every time, a Chicago accounting firm keeps abreast of the development of tax laws and uses their knowledge and expertise to offer helpful financial advice for small businesses.

Whether you need an accomplished accountant to handle your payroll, tax, financial reports, or anything else, there are several of them in Chicago, but you have to hire the best. These are three powerful tips to guide you in hiring the best accounting firm for your small business.

1.Know your reasons for hiring.

Are you hiring a general accountant who offers all accounting services, from bookkeeping to filing your tax reports and anything in between? Or are you looking for a specialized accountant to advise you on a complicated matter such as the tax treatment of an asset that you want to buy? You should be certain about what you want and hire an accountant based on your specific needs. A good accountant will always be a plus for your business, from helping you set up an accounting system to helping with advice on the direction that your business is taking.

2. Think about the location.

It’s always much better when you are using the services of a Chicago accounting firm whose location is near yours. However, with the high level of technological advancement today, companies are finding it easier to collaborate with their accountants online. This has helped to make location an issue. Through working in a cloud environment, you can view the same information that your accountant sees no matter your location. Working with a Chicago accounting firm will become easier if you are happy to collaborate with the accountant via phone calls, a secure accounting system, email, or anything else.

3.Consider an accounting firm that has small business experience.

Large accounting firms that specialize in established businesses may not be the best choice for your small business. They will charge a higher price for their services, and this may not be the best option for a business that is just starting out. You need a Chicago-based accounting firm that works with small businesses. It could even be beneficial if the accountant works with enterprises in your industry.


Other than the above considerations,  your small business accountant should have earned a good reputation and someone with extensive experience in your industry. But remember that when hiring an accountant, what worked for your friend’s business may not work for you, so it’s better to find a professional who has experience in your specific niche. You can reduce the length of time that your search takes by asking for referrals from your social networks.

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