4 Amenities to Look For in Retirement Homes


There are more than 21,000 senior living units across the United States and not all are created equal. 

One of the biggest drivers of what can make one facility better than another is the amenities they offer. When you are looking for Winter Park assisted living options, you should make sure to consider the different amenities — and what is most important to you. 

Five amenities that can make the difference in your retirement lifestyle include:

Social and Recreational Activities

When you move into a retirement home, one of the benefits is the opportunity to connect with and socialize with other residents. When touring potential facilities look for how many common areas and common spaces they have. Are there craft rooms, reading rooms, or game rooms? 

At the same time, are there events frequently planned such as social gatherings, spiritual programming, fitness groups, and entertainment? These events and opportunities can make a significant positive difference in how you enjoy your golden years. 

Pet Rules

Do you have a beloved dog, cat, or even goldfish that you want to take with you to your retirement homes? Make sure that you are looking at the rules for pets when considering your perfect place

Beauty Salons and Other Services 

What kind of on-site services do the communities you are considering offer? A beauty or nail salon can help you feel pampered and special? A dry cleaner can help assist with that day-to-day responsibility you may be ready to be done with. And a gym or fitness center can help keep you active as you age. 


As we get older, driving may not be as easy or desirable as it used to be. If you are ready to give up your car, see what transportation options your new home may have to offer. This will make sure you can maintain independence even in a community living environment.

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