4 Awesome Birthday Party Ideas During the Pandemic


The pandemic has everyone indoors, and it makes it celebrating harder. We all miss the nights that the time didn’t matter, partying until morning, going on trips, and just going to other people’s houses for birthday parties.

But who said we can’t have fun even during the pandemic on your special day? Here are four awesome birthday party ideas during the pandemic.

Virtual Reality Birthdays

A virtual reality birthday party is a unique way to celebrate your birthday by making them memorable. With the help of technology, these games will transform your real world into virtual reality. You can book slots for your guests to enjoy together while celebrating your big day after successfully conquering the game.

These days many VR arcades have mushroomed globally and are very popular amongst youngsters and adults.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have become the most trending place to celebrate birthdays. These immersive rooms hosts birthday celebrations for all age groups. Escape room birthday parties transform the boring celebration into a memorable one.

For example, the room escape perth has a wide range of escape rooms to choose from that are designed to keep you safe even in the pandemic, without sacrificing the fun! Add escape rooms to your ideas of birthday parties for a fantastic experience. 

If you don’t have any idea where to start or how to host an escape room party, we’ve got you covered too! Search for escape rooms near me for near locations of escape rooms, check the website for any promos or discounts, and book! It’s fun, easy, and quick.

Game Rooms

Thanks to technology, we can now enjoy most of the things we love without leaving our rooms. This idea is for the gamers out there! We’re pretty sure that most people have tried playing games until the clock hits midnight, but now that’s going to change!

There are also a lot of other games that can be played for all groups, no matter how big or small, from card games such as Exploding Kittens to traditional ones such as Uno and board games like scrabble; this is a fun experience to try for everyone!

Invite your mates for a game room or play together until midnight as a way to greet your birthday! You can stay at your game lobby or use discord and play until your heart’s content; it’s your special day anyway.

Virtual Book Parades

These ones are for introverts who don’t like interacting with other people or going outside. You can have fun too! A virtual book parade is where you and your friends dress up or act as characters from a book or movie that you like.

It’s even made more special at your birthday as you can have everyone dress up for a character and talk to each other like those characters while catching up! It adds a lot of joy and excitement, and you can even play games while in dressed-up form.

Why just go for books? You can also try your favorite series, anime, or even movies! Get creative with your friends and family while having fun at the same time.

Last Sentences

For safety reasons, we should stay at home. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun, right? Many establishments have already undergone safety checks and followed safety protocols and procedures to ensure your and your family’s safety.

You can also try out these ideas at your own home! Having fun shouldn’t be dangerous, and we can all have fun even inside our own homes.

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