4 important aspects of the marketing in 2022


Focus on your audience

For more than a year, users have been tired of social networks, not to mention the anxiety, even depression, they can feel when consulting their news feeds. Some even took the bull by the horns and deactivated their accounts. Those who remain face a heavy flow of advertisements, marketing campaigns and information. To say that the networks are saturated is an understatement. Keep in mind that your audience wants you to partner with other influencers too. For instance, if you are on TikTok, you should follow this example. You’ll see many TikTok influencers collaborating with others in the same niche. You can buy TikTok likes, get a big tribe and many praise but without getting organic traction with other influencers, you won’t go far.

Keep in mind how many commercially oriented messages each user encounters in just two minutes of browsing, and think about how yours would stand out from all that visual noise. Focus your strategy on engaging with your existing audience and try to build your database. You will find that your messages reach those who are most interested in what you do.

As the digital landscape evolves, consumers are becoming more selective about the information they receive and consume, and their expectations are therefore also growing. Be careful not to lose their support.

Confidentiality, transparency and trust

Digital advertising is overloaded and making consumers increasingly wary of content aimed at them. That’s why, in 2022, digital marketers need to prepare for tougher privacy restrictions that will change how they can track their users’ behavior.

In particular, Google has announced that it will reduce third-party cookies by 2023. This means that marketing and advertising strategies will have to be reassessed.

But that’s not the end of content and data-driven marketing. That’s not even the end of targeted advertising. If you are looking for the benefits of this disruption of the digital marketing monopoly as we know it, know that we are witnessing here the beginning of a new era based on trust and transparency between companies and consumers. Communicate with your customers about what data you collect and why you collect it. Make it easy and accessible for them to opt out at any time, and don’t collect more data than you need.

Personalization is the key

Personalization is going to play a huge role in 2022. Unlike catch-all content that casts its net wide in hopes of reaching as many people as possible, creating specific ads that speak to a specific target audience will drive better results. results. But it’s not just the content that needs to be well-designed: you also need to ensure that your ads arrive at the right time and in the right place to engage your audience in an oversaturated digital landscape.

By taking the time to understand the platforms used by your audience and how they use them, you will be able to create personalized messages according to each demographic group. So your message will reach the right audience in the most appropriate way for them, your advertising spend will be more efficient, and you can retain your customers more.

It’s not just about adapting your marketing efforts to each platform, but also considering different venues and cultural associations, even if you’re marketing the same product. This is because consumers who view your campaign in different places will be attracted to different content at different times and in different ways. Believe us: the time spent and the effort are worth it.

Content segmentation

Segmentation has been around for a long time, and most companies use it to segment their audience, that is, to target customers with similar demographics or common interests. It is also common to segment the different forms of communication (newsletter, news, offers, etc.).

But beyond standard opt-in or opt-out marketing strategies, brands should consider more specific tagging of their email content, so users can opt out of receiving certain types of content and continue to subscribe. receive others.

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