Maintain Your Dog’s Oral Health

4 Ways to Maintain Your Dog’s Oral Health

Oral hygiene is a vital piece in your dog’s overall health and wellness and is sadly often overlooked. While your canine companions aren’t as prone to cavities as humans are, they can still develop dental problems like plaque, tartar and gingivitis.

Gingivitis is the first stage of periodontal disease, which is the most common dental health issue among dogs. When it reaches a point where your dog’s teeth can’t be saved anymore because of infection and too much pain, your dog could be a vet’s recommendation away from seeing themselves staring at a tooth extractor

Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep your dog’s oral health in tiptop form. Here are four proven ways to maintain your dog’s oral health and keep them away from various diseases:

1. Brush your dog’s teeth daily.

Brushing on a regular basis prevents harmful bacteria from building up not only on their teeth but also on their gums. Pretty much the case for humans, right? Only this time, you’d need a canine toothbrush. Look for the soft-bristled, double-headed kind with brushes angled at 45 degrees to easily reach the area below the gumline.

A good time to do it is when they’re sitting still, perhaps after getting their exercise done. Start slowly so your dog won’t get agitated. Otherwise, stop for a while. If it’s impossible to continue, that’s fine. Do it again the following day until your dog gets used to it. 

Important: Use canine-specific toothpaste. Unlike human toothpaste, the ones made specifically for dogs are safe to swallow.

2. Schedule regular dental cleaning and checkup

Like humans, dogs should have regular dental cleaning and checkup. With routine cleaning, your vet not only polishes the teeth but also scrapes tartar and plaque and cleans the gumline. Ideally, you want to bring your dog for cleaning once or twice a year. If you have them checked up, your vet can discover early signs of diseases that may not be evident at first look and much more.

3. Feed your dog the right food

Not many people know, but dry food is better for your dog’s dental health than wet food. That’s because those crunchy kibbles scrape tartar, not to mention wet food is likely to stick to their teeth. Talk to your local vet about the best diet for your beloved furbaby.

4. Give Them Chew Toys and Specialised Treats

It’s not hard to find treats that are specially made to help build strong gums and teeth. In fact, a quick look at the pet store and you’ll see treats for tartar control. As for toys, look for non-abrasive balls and chew toys that are safe and not too hard to cause broken teeth.

The importance of oral health can never be overstated and is definitely something you should never overlook. Show your dogs how much you care. Do the right thing and help give them proper dental care. If you notice any oral problems, be sure to contact your local vet immediately because its important for you.

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