5 Advantages of Having a Rooftop Tent for Outdoor Adventures 


Rooftop tents are a game-changer in the camping world because of their ability to provide a safe, comfortable, and secure sleeping area. They are waterproof and have plywood platforms that hold your weight. 

Premium brand tents have windows for aeration, zippered doors, and air mattresses that fold for easy storage or transport. If you spend a lot of time on the road but struggle to create a snug resting area after a long day, here are the five advantages of buying a rooftop tent for outdoor adventures. 


According to Condorferries, 77 million people enjoy camping in the USA, and 64% of them plan more than three camping trips every year. If you are one of them and want a comfortable tent for an upcoming trip, rooftop tents work well.  

Unlike pop-up tents that you pitch on the ground, you pitch rooftop tents on top of your car, where it is always warm and snug. When it is raining, water does not puddle under the tent, which makes sleeping and resting outdoors pleasurable for campers and hikers, to name a few. 

Most rooftop tents have a plush interior with thermal-regulating inserts. These retain body heat to prevent hypothermia when temperatures plummet. You can thus use such tents all year long without safety concerns, unlike sleeping bags and camping hammocks, which work the best in the summer.  

Top roof top tent brands for outdoor adventures have add-ons such as foldable air mattresses and removable wood bases. These boost not only support but also the comfort of users, thereby making camping enjoyable. 


Sleeping on the ground predisposes people to many safety hazards. Creepy crawlies such as spiders, ants, tarantulas, and mice can disrupt sleep when you least expect.  

Fatal bites from venomous snakes such as RattlesnakeCopperhead, bear attacks, and exposure to ground-based hazards such as contaminated water are other common concerns while sleeping on the ground. With a rooftop tent, however, these are non-issues.  

Once you have mounted the tent on the roof of your Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) or a Recreational Vehicle (RV), you’ll sleep comfortably while enjoying the starry sky. You’ll rest better knowing you’re safe

For the best experience, remove its telescoping ladder and tuck it away before you retire to bed. This way, wild animals such as bears and snakes and pests such as mice will not access the tent and disrupt your sleep. 


People have carried heavy camping cots and gear to and from their camping sites to enjoy restful sleep at night for years now. With the development of rooftop tents, however, this has changed.  

You get a convenient piece of kit with good mobility. Most models weigh 50 kilograms and therefore can fit most cars. You can set them up on the rack of an SUV or sedan to make transportation effortless.  

They are also easy to set up. On average, most people can install one in 10 minutes. An intricate design with add-ons such as an annex will require slightly more effort and time to get to work. 

Rooftop tents have grown in popularity all over the world because of their space-saving designs. Unlike pop-up tents that need trunk space to store and transport, they mount onto rooftops to save room for other camping items.  

Some models of rooftop tents also have in-built slots for storing bedding, toiletries, and other smaller stuff that you do not use often. Rooftop tents come in all shapes and sizes for sedans and large camping vehicles.  

Over the years, companies have also come up with many intricate designs that can satisfy most people’s needs.  

Standard tents measure around 78 x 49 x 12.5 inches. However, you can find many other dimensions of different weights online with either a hardtop or soft top. Soft top models have a light shell made from nylon or cotton. Hardtop ones, on the other hand, are heavy but offer the best protection from the elements. 

While ordering a suitable tent, always check the static and dynamic weight of your car. Make sure that the tent is a good match before reaching for your pocket. Your vehicle should be able to support the tent’s weight when parked (static weight) and while in motion (dynamic weight) for safety. 


Camping items take a thorough beating outdoors. We expose them to frost, rain, ice, and snow for days, thereby stressing the core. Poorly built models crumble under such stress. Rooftop tents don’t, though. The quality materials and techniques used to manufacture them are long-lasting.  

Canvas, the fabric of choice for soft-top tents, is not only breathable but also durable. It doesn’t rip easily and is less likely to leak if double stitched or taped seams. Most soft top tents also have frames made from aluminum or steel – both rust-resistant and windproof.  

Hardtop rooftop tents, on the other hand, have rigid shells made from polycarbonate plastic. These can withstand abuse from the elements, strong winds, and small pebbles or projectiles, to name a few. They are heavier, though, and will cost you slightly more cash than a soft-top model will. 

Value for money 

A quality rooftop tent will set you back by about $1500-3000, which is higher than the $60-100 charged for backpacking tents. However, these cheaper tents can’t rival the best rooftop ones in terms of quality of service. 

For the price, you get a robust travel tent that can withstand years of abuse. You can expose them to rain, UV, snow, and ice without significant structural damage. They also resist ripping better than standard tents and offer a better outdoor experience overall in all seasons.  

During summer, for instance, you can open windows and doors to let in the fresh air as you sleep safely on the roof of a car. Some premium models also have thermo-insulated designs that will keep you warm and reinforce wood decks. 



Finding the best tents for camping or engaging in outdoor adventures is hard for most people. We now have access to many diverse brands on the internet, which can confuse novice shoppers. 

If you need a camping tent, we have shared five benefits of rooftop tents herein. They are warm and snug. If you are scared of pests and animals such as bears disrupting your sleep, they are also the best to use.  

To enjoy a restful sleep outdoors, mount it on a car rooftop and tuck away a telescoping ladder. You will also love the breathtaking views and how easy it is to transport and use these tents. 

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