Let’s Discuss 5 Common WordPress Security Issues and Solutions

WordPress Security Issues

Are you worried about the hidden attacks on your WordPress database? If yes, then you have reached the right place. Because today, we are going to discuss the most vulnerable threats to your wordpress site and its database as well along with providing a safe solution for each. So, have a quick look: 

Malware Vulnerability: 

A malicious software which is also known as malware basically a code pattern which is mainly developed for gaining unauthorized access to any random website for collecting sensitive data. Now if you found that your wordpress site is hacked then it would certainly mean that a malware is intentionally injected into your website files. 

Here whenever you suspect a malware infection on your wordpress site,  then immediately have a look at all your recently changed files. Further, if we talk generally then there are almost thousands of types of malicious software present on the web. However WordPress platform is certainly not vulnerable to all of them whereas there are four main ones which you need to be aware of. These are Drive-by downloads, Backdoors, Malicious redirects and Pharma hacks as well. 


You can easily identify and clean up these kinds of malwares either by manual scan, by restoring your wordpress site from the previous version, by downloading fresh versions or by using non-infected backup files. Here let your users know that your wordpress site is non-infected and completely secure via WordPress Push Notifications

XSS Attacks (Cross-Site Scripting):

This wordpress site security issue is the extreme one and most commonly found in wordpress plugins as 84% of the security vulnerability issues are found because of the XSS attacks which are also called Cross-Site Scripting. 

Here the technique used in these kinds of attacks is quite simple where the attacks certainly approach a way to find out any random victim and just load the insecure javascripts into the wordpress websites. Now the scripts which are used to attack your personal data are generally loaded on your visitor’s systems without their knowledge. And after the completion of script loading, the attackers easily stole data from users’ browsers. 

For instance, you have displayed a form on your wordpress site for collecting your users’ information. Now with the Cross-Site Scripting attack, the hacker can easily steal your users’ personal details whenever your users are going to input data into that form. 


Here you need to keep an attentive eye on the comment section of your wordpress site and if you find any irrelevant comment then immediately delete it. Further, let your users know that your comment section is absolutely secure via Woocommerce Push Notifications. 

 SQL Injections:

Mostly every WordPress site’s code is based on the MySQL database on which it operates. Here when the attackers attempt to gain access to your wordpress database then SQL (Structured Query Language) attacks are often injected so that they can reach all of your website data. 

With these SQL injections, the attackers usually make themselves capable enough of creating a new admin level user account. This authoritative access will absolutely make the attacker powerful enough to get full access to your wordpress site. Not only this, here the attacker can also insert the new data into your original database with the SQL injections. And the data added by the attacker might also include links to spam websites or malicious softwares as well.


You can simply tackle this type of vulnerability by implementing the security checks on every command which are sent to your wordpress site database. However it is not that easy to perform so you might be required to seek expert help. 

PHP File Upload Exploits: 

In most of the wordpress websites, PHP codes can also be considered as one of the most vulnerable elements to be exploited by attackers. For your consideration, you can understand the PHP code in the form of a programming language that runs your wordpress website.

Here the file upload exploits usually occur when the remote files are opened to upload on your wordpress site with the help of vulnerable PHP code which literally allow attackers to win the access to your site. While remote file inclusion, your website wp-config.php file is the most common one which is mostly vulnerable for attackers.


This one can be treated as one of the most technical issues. So, here we recommend you to seek expert advice. And if you want to solve it on your own then we can suggest you to update all plugins of your wordpress site. 

Brute Force Attack: 

It is basically a trial and error method where attackers attempt multiple login credentials to get access to the database of your wordpress site. However, by default, the wordpress platform never ceases login attempts. 

Here if the attacker doesn’t get successful access to your database then it still can affect your server as numerous login attempts can certainly overload your system and that will eventually slow down your wordpress site.  


Here for keeping your wordpress site’s database secure, you can simply adopt the WP limit login attempt Plugin. 


In this content, we have provided you with the top five most common WordPress security issues and solutions. Here you can check all these security concerns carefully and keep your wordpress database safe.


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