5 Important Features of a Great Locksmith


When you lose your key on the way home, lock yourself outside your house, or your car locks itself with the key inside, who do you call first? You will probably call your close friends and relatives, but whom do you call to solve the key issue?

Whenever an issue of missing, broken or stolen key arises, everyone looks for a locksmith in Sydney. It is necessary not just to open your broken lock but to fix it as soon as possible. The city is one of the most populated and known for several housebreaks/burglaries in the country. Australia is 7th in the rate of burglaries around the world. At least 4.3% of Australian households experience at least one break-in in a year.

Key makers are not hard to find in a city like Sydney, but how do you find a genuine and experienced one? How do you determine whether they will provide a great service as they promise and don’t mess up your lock?

To answer these questions, you’ll have to read the rest of the article, which describes the salient features of a great locksmith.

The following are the essential features of an excellent key maker:

Insured and Certified

A reputable locksmith must be insured, bonded, and certified for legally conducting the job. This entails years of formal education as well as on-the-job apprenticeship training.

Unfortunately, there are “Local key maker Scammers” out there—people with nefarious motives who prey on people in difficulty. They pose as a genuine professional on the internet, but they have little to no real-world experience. They charge outrageous amounts to drill out and break a lock that could have been easily picked when they arrive (assuming they arrive at all).

The most straightforward approach to determining whether a professional is authentic is to request a copy of their licence.


You don’t expect to wait 4-5 hours to get into your locked house, business, car, or safe, waiting for the professional to arrive.

As a result, a professional locksmith will prioritise punctuality. They’ll arrive in minutes, not hours, and their trade knowledge will enable them to work (immediately) once they come.


Nobody anticipates lockouts, and many people cannot afford to pay excessive service prices when they do occur. That is why the best key makers strive to keep their pricing low.

The adage “you get what you pay for” holds some validity. A professional selling their services for a low price is rarely a legitimate professional. Despite this, a locksmith in Sydney will always work to keep charges low and provide you with the most value for your money.

24×7 Emergency Service

The lockout emergencies don’t happen at convenient times, and you’ll never be ready for it. It could be at late night, after returning from a trip, after a weekend holiday, etc. What you need is a locksmith available for service 24×7 and whom you can always rely on.

Mechanical Skills, Knowledge and Patience

A great locksmith in Sydney provides service based on more than mechanical skill—though they have plenty of that. They also bring years of experience-based knowledge and a patient attitude.

Does your locksmith arrive without the right tools, spend five minutes (or fewer) trying to pick open the door, and then immediately give up and drill out the lock? This approach is far from professional. Not only does it cause unnecessary damage, but it also forces the customer to pay for a new lock and replacement fees.

A well-trained locksmith, in contrast, has the proper skills and knowledge to pick each brand of lock. They also have the patience to spend the time needed to pick it open with the correct tools.

Look for these features in the professional you search for to service your lock or make a new key.

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