5 Important Things to Know About Rim Locks

Different types of locks exist today, with some being as old as civilization. People used waves to enhance security and keep themselves safe from possible invasion. One of the most senior types of locks existing today is the rim lock. But what exactly are these locks about, and how are they different from what we are used to today? Below are exciting details that you may want to know about rim locks. Keep reading for more. 

Rim Locks are Not Ideal for Main Doors 

As you try to learn everything you need to know about rim locks, start with the basics. You need to find out if this type of lock is ideal and secure enough for main entrances. It turns out that they are not. These rims are made in such a way that they have a few screws attached to them. Unlike the more secure mortise locks, rim locks require extra protective features to enhance their capacity to serve as main entrance locks.  

Rim locks are easy to break and can be a severe security risk. It is easy to pick a rim lock with a screwdriver since all one needs is to bypass the few screws. Since main entrances require kick-proof lock systems, a rim lock would not be the most ideal. However, they are best used in other doors throughout the house.  

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One may wonder why then did rim lock come into existence if they offer very little protection? Well, it is better to get little protection as opposed to getting none at all. Long ago, doors were not thicker than one inch, so it was impossible to install the current mortise locks we are used to today. Most doors today are at least 1.5 to 2 inches thick.  

This means that most of the existing rim locks provide essential security and offer internal privacy for rooms inside the house. Modern houses today require strong mortise locks for their entrance doors. 

Rim Locks are Majorly Used as Internal Locks 

Most builders today utilize rim locks for internal doors in rooms that people may require extra privacy. For instance, these locks function perfectly for bathrooms and bedrooms where room owners may need to lock themselves in when using the rooms. What’s more, these locks can help improve the aesthetics of a room when used on the doors. Rim locks are most beautiful and are majorly made of brass, cast iron, and bronze. You may also find rim locks that are made of wood.  

Rim Locks are Easy to Understand 

Considering how simple rim locks are, a primary rim lock is not complicated to understand. The rim lock is engaged when you lock the door, forcing a simple bolt to extend from the door’s side and secure it in place. The bolt then goes into a fixed notch on the door’s frame and locks. It is that easy. You can open the wave as long as you have a key. Most rim locks use a cylinder lock mechanism. Once you insert the key, it rotates the cylinder connected to the cam(a cam is a small metal piece). The cam then moves the plug and pushes the bolt that disengages the lock.  

Once you understand the lock and open mechanism, it is easy to fit your rim lock as long as you are handy. However, if you are not familiar with it, don’t assume that it can be a simple DIY project because of its simplicity. Always get a professional to fit the rim lock on your behalf. 

You need to understand that there are two types of rim locks. The first type is the rim sash locks which have a simple latch and need a  thumb turn or handle to retract it.  

Note that these two parts come as a kit. The second type of rim lock is the rim deadlock. These have a single bolt and require no handle. Primarily, rim locks work with an accompanying set of doorknobs that are often included in the lock kit. Note that one of the knobs will serve as a backing rose installed on the side of the door that is not lockable. 

Security experts Advice Homeowners to Use Rim Locks Inside the Property 

Building experts will always advise that you use rim locks on the inside part of your house.  Due to the nature of these locks, they offer very little security. Security experts are not keen on recommending them for external doors. If you have to use these locks on the outer door due to the thickness of the door, then consider adding extra security features. Most burglars will easily get through rim locks with no additional support. You could consider adding an alarm that notifies you in case of a break-in attempt. There are several options of reinforcements that you could consider. 

Rim Locks are For Everyone 

Anyone can use rim locks as long as they feel a need to. In case you feel a need for extra privacy in a room, then consider installing a rim lock. While they are some of the most traditional locks available today, they are still relevant and can improve privacy in interior rooms. Just be careful not to use these locks in an area where you need adequate security since they are easy to breach.  

Besides privacy enhancement, the locks can also beautify your spaces. Depending on the type of lock material you settle for, the locks can improve the overall aesthetics of your space. Choose locks that match your home’s interior decor and elevate the home’s appearance. 

Final Thoughts 

Rim locks are easy locks to install. They are perfect for internal home use as they improve privacy and may offer some level of security. However, these locks should not be used in areas that require a reinforced security level, such as on external doors or front entrances. If you must, then ensure that you have extra support to back up the lock. 

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