5 Reasons Why Small Town Vacations Are Great


Rare are travelers that choose smaller towns and villages for their travel destinations. We mostly aim for big cities that will shower us with possibilities, glamour and luxury, but they can often overwhelm us with crowds, stuffiness and prices. Town vacations can be a really good destination choice for many more reasons that listed below, but these are the top ones that deserve your attention:

They are less stressful

Traveling to a crowded and expensive tourist destination will fill you with excitement but also stress. Every moment of your vacation needs to be planned out and utilized, otherwise, you can miss out on a lot and waste your money. And expect your plans to often be ruined by traffic, crowds, no-vacancies, etc. On the other hand, a smaller location requires minimal scheduling, and you can often visit attractions without booking. All in all, smaller towns and villages allow you to travel at your own pace and allow you to de-stress and refuel.

They are more suitable for kids

If you’re planning your next family vacation, don’t just focus on the grownups, but also consider destinations that will be fun and safe for kids. In big cities, kids will feel overwhelmed by the crows, smells and sounds, as well as bored as hell having to stare at buildings and art exhibitions. Plus, crowded destinations might pose a threat to your kids’ safety and you’ll be worrying constantly about them

On the other hand, small towns and villages are perfect for families because they are so kid-friendly. They have plenty of space for kids to enjoy, run around and be in the fresh air. And don’t think kids will get bored with nothing to look at. Small towns are full of outdoor adventures from exploring historic sites to hiking, farming, kayaking, fishing, etc. There’s no way to run out of things to do in a small town, especially one blessed with amazing nature. And your kids can run free and you can enjoy the weather without having to fear for your kids’ safety all the time.

They are more affordable

Unfortunately, many travelers today need to consider their budget first. If you’re one of the budget travelers, you’ll be happy to hear that small town or village vacations cost much less than big cities. In many cases, you can spend a week in a small town for a price of a one-night stay in the capital. All activities you want to do will cost you less in a smaller community. For instance, expect inexpensive or even free admissions to local museums, galleries and historical exhibits and lower prices of accommodation and services. In Texas, instead of going for Austin, consider some smaller communities like Abilene. If you check out Abilene apartments for rent, you’ll see that you can afford a much longer stay than previously planned. And the luxury and privacy in these rented apartments are much better than in bigger cities.

You’ll meet more people

Even though big cities and famous tourist destinations are brimming with people, they usually just mind their own business. If you want to have plenty of human contact on your vacation, small communities are much more eager to talk to you, share their stories, teach you new things and welcome you into their lives. You’ll probably run into someone who knows a lot about the town and has top-notch recommendations for great food, fun attractions and hidden gems. People in smaller towns are not constantly rushing, plus they don’t get a lot of visitors, meaning you’ll certainly be noticed. You’ll experience the famous small-town hospitality in the best way possible.

You’ll support the local economy

Many rural communities are struggling to stay afloat, so don’t hesitate to give them your money. Through rural tourism and casual visitors, the local economy can get a boost and be able to support employees and businesses in the area. Your visit can make a big difference to a local Airbnb owner, produce vendor or museum curator. And you’ll know exactly where your money is going—into to pockets of small businesses that always need and deserve support.

Are you convinced to put a small town or village on your itinerary for the next trip? You’ll do a huge favor to yourself, your family and the community of hard-working people.

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