5 Styles of Impact Windows in Miami To Consider


As hurricane season is approaching, it is time for house owners to think about getting impact windows in Miami. If your windows are worn out or old, they leave your house vulnerable to damages. Ultimately, installing new windows protects against wind, rain, and debris from summer storms and hurricanes. However, they do not just guard against damages but also improve insulation, reduce noise pollution and lower energy bills. 

Here are 5 window styles, so you can choose the one that best suits your home requirements.

Single/Double Hung Impact Windows in Miami

These are among one of the most popular choices on the market. The single and double show the number of sashes that slides up and down. Both have a versatile design and friendly option that comes in various colors, allowing you to match your house aesthetics properly. 

It is also preferred because they are elegant, easy to include in any design, and essential to stand against severe weather.

Picture Impact Windows  

These windows have a large piece of stationary glass, which means they cannot slide, open, or close. They can maximize the natural light as well as offer a picturesque view. Most of these windows are custom-shaped to fit the specific parameter of a project. The fact that this window is a simple glass, it is very easy to clean.

They are commonly used in bay windows; however, you can use them in any room that you want the light in. Also, as they don’t open, it adds to their insulation abilities, which provides energy-saving for homeowners. 

Casement Hurricane Impact Windows

The great benefit of these windows is that they can be operated in a single hinge and can move horizontally and vertically. It is ideal for homeowners, as it gives them the option to open them fully or partially. Opening them halfway allows the breeze to enter the house while blocking out all the debris. Meanwhile, opening them all the way allows for maximum ventilation. 

Another good thing about these is that the best hurricane impact windows provide good security with sturdy locks and strong frames. Also, they offer good protection in severe weather.

Sliding Impact Windows

These windows are similar to double-hung; the only difference is that they turn on their sides. They are manufactured as two separate parts of the windows, one stays fixed, and the other can slide. They are an ideal choice for people whose houses have low ceilings. Using the sliding impact windows gives an aesthetic appeal without any fear of window shattering.   

Bay Impact Window

The bay windows are the ones that protrude outward from the fixture it is attached to. They are usually used with one large fixed picture window in between two double-hung windows. The middle part allows the light to enter the indoors, while the opening let the breeze in. 

Installing impact windows in Miami ultimately results in better security, strong weather protection, and a rise in home’s value. So, if you haven’t got them, we recommend visiting USA Home Improvement to get the best quality windows.

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