5 Things You Should Consider while Renovating Swimming Pool


Everyone wishes to have a swimming pool at their home. It makes a property look more beautiful and adds another opportunity for having a fun activity. Moreover, it adds to the overall value of a home. A new pool looks great. However, as it is an outdoor feature, it is more prone to damage and wears. Aging, extreme weather conditions, and aggressive use of a swimming pool can affect its appearance. Too much wear and tear will rather make it look ugly. Therefore, instead of making your property beautiful, it will look sore to the eyes. And if you want to sell it, then it would rather detract the value of your property. So, if you have a swimming pool at your home, we suggest renovation. With a small expense on renovation, you can shift the situation in your favor and get a great offer for your property. Professional swimming pool renovation service providers can add advanced features such as to your pool. This will make the swimming pool the most outstanding and shining feature of your home. From pool plaster polishing to pool painting; there are a lot of options to amp your swimming pool. However, there are a few considerations that you must keep in your mind before you go for pool renovation. In this article, we have discussed 5 things you should consider for pool renovation.

1. Assess the Condition and Define a Budget

Before hiring a contractor to renovate your pool, it is important to first assess the condition. Identify the existing damages and the repair requirements before you ask someone to renovate the pool. Moreover, make up your mind whether you want to add a certain feature or upgrade your pool overall; whether you want pool resurfacing or pool plaster polishing.  Talk to your contractor, and tell him all the requirements along with your budget. He can come up with something that resonates with your requirements and needs.

2. Get Ideas and Inspiration

When you go to a contractor for pool renovation, we suggest doing some homework. This way you can have something in your mind. The contractors are professionals. They can pick up from the basic idea and design something based on that. You can get ideas about pool renovation from magazines and blogs. If you have seen a pool with pool plaster polishing somewhere, in a movie or some social gathering, then you can tell that to your contractor and they can help you have a similar pool.

3. Ensure the Deck Safety

Having a swimming pool at your property is great. You can host great parties and have the best time during summer. Safety is of paramount importance. So, before you invite guests over for a pool party, make sure that the pool is safe, and your guests feel safe interacting with it. None of your friends or family member will be comfortable if the deck is damaged, or slippery. Make sure there are no cracks and other damages.

While renovating, make sure to ask your renovation service provider to focus on deck safety and pool resurfacing. It must be safe for adults as well as children.

4. Aesthetic Appearance is important

During the renovation, although the main aim is to have a functional and safe pool, this does not mean you can put the aesthetic side to rest. No one would like a functional pool that has mismatched and patched tiles. During the renovation, it is important to tell your service providers to focus on the aesthetic side and appeal of the installation.

A non-functional pool will not add any value to your property if you want to rent it or if you want to sell it. A bad-looking pool will also not offer much advantage because it fails to make an impression on potential clients or customers.

Talk to your renovating contractor, and they will suggest what features will make it more appealing. This can be the pool resurfacing, material, colors, and add-ons. Once you focus on the outlook of a pool, you will notice that the whole property looks different.

5. Leisure and Comfort

The pool is not a necessity for home. Instead, the idea is to have a leisure venue. It is imperative for the swimming pool to offer a certain level of comfort and leisure. You can add certain features to make it more comfortable. For example, you can have a poolside bar, umbrellas, recliners, pergola, or updated landscaping. A pool contractor can help you determine which features will suit your lifestyle and surrounding environment. With more amenities and pool resurfacing, you can make your pool more attractive and comfortable. Make the most out of this feature by talking to your contractor. They can guide you about new options and availabilities.

Final word

Pool renovation adds to the value of a property. However, there are some considerations that you must keep in mind for pool renovation. From having an inspirational idea to collaborating with the contractor; this article talks about some factors that you must consider before getting pool renovation. Aqua Gunite offers pool plaster polishing and pool resurfacing in san Jose. For reliable and trustworthy pool renovation services, get in touch.

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