5 Tips for Buying Coffee Beans


Coffee beans are an essential part of any coffee drink. They can be the difference between a good cup of coffee and a bad one. If you buy your coffee beans in bulk, it is important to buy them at the right time so that you don’t end up with stale ones when you need them most. Here are some tips for buying coffee beans to help ensure that your next batch is delicious!

Tip #1:  Buy coffee beans in the right season

Coffee beans are harvested twice a year, once during the wet or ‘green’ season and again for dry-processed coffees during the early months of summer. The best quality coffee are from October to February after being dried on patios until they have lost half their weight through evaporation of moisture which concentrates both flavour and price. In more tropical regions this may be done under cover – however, buy only what you need because there’s not much point paying top dollar for stale old beans that will deteriorate rapidly if left too long before roasting.

Tip #2: Buy whole bean coffee unless you know how to use a grinder properly!

If you are planning to buy coffee beans, make sure that it stays fresh longer than ground coffee for the simple reason that they are less exposed to air. A bag of beans is like a container with many tiny “one-way” valves allowing carbon dioxide gas (the stuff that makes your fresh roast smell so good) to escape but preventing oxygen and moisture from getting in. Once you break the seal by grinding your coffee it starts to lose flavor rapidly – buy only what you need and keep it tightly sealed

Tip #3: Buy green or unroasted coffee beans if possible

If buying whole bean coffee isn’t practical try buying unroasted green beans which usually come vacuum-packed either in cans or large bags. They don’t have quite as long as shelf life because some staling occurs before roasting, but this is still substantially longer than roasted beans. Roasted coffee will stay fresh for about a week if stored in an airtight container, while green coffees will remain at their peak of flavor for several weeks

Tip #4: Look for  COSTCO or buy online!

Some supermarket chains are now selling great quality whole bean coffee – usually from branded suppliers who specialize in high-quality product lines. A word on ‘value’ or bulk buying options: buy only what you need because the extra packaging involved is wasteful and may affect freshness/flavor to some extent due to exposure to oxygen (even vacuum packing allows limited exchange). If your local store doesn’t sell good quality whole bean coffee, look out for special offers either nationally or locally, buy online from reputable suppliers or consider joining a wholesale buying club like COSTCO.

Tip #5: Store coffee beans properly!

– Don’t buy pre-ground coffee because it goes stale very quickly and is only useful for espresso machines that already have an ultra high-pressure brewing method – buy the whole beans instead and grind them yourself just before you make your drink.  Don’t buy ground coffee and leave the bag open – store in an airtight container away from heat/light at room temperature (i.e., not above your stove) to maximize freshness.

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