5 Versatile Stainless Steel Jars with Four Super-Efficient Blades and Juicer Jar


As the world becomes more advanced, it is coming up with newer ways to make life as comfortable as possible. That being said, more luxurious products are made at your expense. One of them is the Havells mixer grinder. 

Cooking is already a pretty laborious job. On top of that, if you have to chop every piece of vegetable or mix spices, it adds to the time and effort you have to put in. But, you no longer have to worry about it because a mixer grinder does the job for you. Moreover, the mixer grinder price is quite reasonable, so you must consider adding it to your kitchen appliances. 

1. Panasonic AC MX-AC555 Mixer Grinder, 550W, 5 Jars

This extremely advanced mixer grinder model of 550 Watts motor is well-known for smooth functioning, making the grinding process smooth even in the toughest vegetables. The blades are sharp and have thick edges, making them highly efficient. Moreover, the stainless steel of the blades makes sure they remain rust-free. 

You get 5 jars with this model, which are highly versatile. These are designed to perfection with superior quality stainless steel and a sparkling mirror finish. The 3-speed settings let you choose the speed that is preferable for the contents of the mixer. 

● Brand: Panasonic

● Material: Plastic

● Model Name: AC

● Wattage: 550 Watts

2. Havells Rigo 500 Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder with 3 Jar

This Havells mixer grinder comes with three stainless steel jars with multiple functions. One can be used for grinding tough vegetables, while the other can blend. The third one is used as a pulp container. The mixer grinder price should not be on your mind when you get so many features at once. Not only do these jars make sure that the process of grinding and mixing remains tidy, but hygiene is also maintained.

While grinding, the mixer can become unstable. But, in this model, the top portion of the grinder has a small body lock which keeps it in place during rigorous functioning. The juicer’s spout is a foldable structure which makes it easier to pour liquids whenever required. The 3-speed settings let you use the grinder at the speed you prefer for your vegetables. 

● Material: Plastic

● Brand: Havells

● Voltage: 240 Volts

● Item Dimensions LxWxH: 28.5 x 19.5 x 29 Centimeters

● Wattage: 500 Watts

● Blade Material: Stainless Steel

3. Havells Stilus 500 Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder with 4 jar

The juicer in this Havells mixer grinder does not require you to chop the vegetables before putting them in, making the entire process extremely convenient for you. The 3-speed settings have an additional LED indicator. The pulse function lets you control the speed faster, thus, making sure that the vegetables and fruits you put in result in a fine mix. 

It is made of polycarbonate material which makes it durable and break-resistant. The transparent body of the mixer lets you see the contents inside so you can stop the grinder when you think it’s done. It is functional and visually appealing at the same time. 

● Material: Plastic

● Brand: Havells

● Finish Type: Polished

● Item Weight: 6.72 Kilograms

● Item Dimensions LxWxH: 33 x 36 x 42 Centimeters

● Wattage: 500 Watts

● Capacity: 1.5 liters

● Voltage: 230 Volts

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