5 Ways Screen Recordings Can Make Creating Videos Easier


Screen recording is exactly what it sounds—it is a digital recording of your computer screen. Unlike a screenshot, which captures a still image, a screen recording or screencast allows you to capture everything that is happening on your screen, just as you see it. It is a valuable tool for video marketers and can be used for a variety of purposes. From mini-product demos and how-to tutorials for an app/website to effective training educational videos and corporate presentations—the possibilities of creating engagement-worthy digital assets through screen recording are endless. 

In a nutshell, anytime you need to convey something in an engaging manner, you can rely on a screen recording by using free online video editor. Your audience also loves screen recordings because it helps them absorb the information at their pace and even rewatch certain portions. Here are five ways in which screen recording can simplify your video creation efforts:

1. Capture important things and review them later

One of the most obvious ways in which screen recording can help you is that it allows you to record and save any content you might like to refer to later. 

Take, for instance, a video meeting with an important client where you are pitching your latest product. Remembering every detail of the meeting is impossible and taking down a copious amount of notes during the meeting might disrupt the flow of your presentation.  In such cases, a screen recording of the meeting makes it easier to keep a tab of all the key points discussed and you can refer to it whenever you want. 

Or suppose, you are attending a virtual event and want to keep a record of all the concepts and ideas you learned from the event and share it with your colleagues who were unable to attend. Using a screen recorder, you can easily capture the key parts of the session, send the recording to your colleagues, and revisit them later. A word of caution—make sure that you have the host’s permission before you screen record anything.

2.  Create personalized tutorial videos

Tutorial videos are essential for improving customer satisfaction in any business. Plus, a detailed tutorial also means that you won’t have to answer the same question repeatedly. But most businesses and entrepreneurs believe that they need the latest gear to record one. 

However, a screen recorder can help you create professional-quality tutorial videos even when you don’t have any fancy equipment. All you need to do is pick a topic you would like to create a tutorial on, write up the storyboard and script, record your screen and narration using a screen recording tool, make a few edits with a free online video editor, and share it on your favorite social media site or a video hosting platform. 

Recording tutorial videos through a screen recording give you complete creative freedom and allow you to customize them to each individual viewer’s needs. A personalized tutorial can go a long way in building lasting relationships as 58% of consumers consider personalized experiences an important factor when purchasing from a company.

3.  Explain processes or tasks to your employees 

Onboarding a new employee is a time-consuming process. You may find yourself having to explain every little detail to get them up to speed. A screen recording can take the pressure off and simplify your onboarding process. Simply record various on-screen actions accompanied by narration and allow the new hires to learn at their own pace. You can even create a playlist of such videos to provide additional support to individual employees.

You can also share screen recordings to explain new tasks to your employees to prevent confusion. It has been proven that 80% of viewers can recall a video they have seen in the past 30 days. So instead of solely relying on words, you can get your point across a lot faster and more efficiently.

4. Create fun GIFs and memes

GIFs and memes are an integral part of video marketing. While memes are static images that make a topical reference, GIFs are shorter clips from a movie or TV show. Both add the right dose of humor to your content, help to establish a unique connection with the audience, and drive engagement. 

You’ll find a bevy of GIFs and meme generators out there. But you cannot rely on them if you want to make a completely new GIF or meme. You’ll need something to clip an existing video or capture an image from such a video. 

One way to do this is to play the video you want and use a screen recording tool on your Windows or Mac screen. You can also edit the output to dress it up and get your hands on the perfect GIF or meme suited for your content.  

5. Create an attention-grabbing presentation 

A basic PowerPoint slide deck is no longer sufficient for engaging your audience. It is just plain simple boring.

To make your presentation more authentic and personal, you need to turn them into high-quality videos. With the help of a screen and camera recorder, you can record your presentation screen simultaneously with recording yourself delivering it. Webcam footage within your screen recording can increase your credibility and also help you to humanize the content.

 Moreover, as the audience can look into your eyes and see who you are, it is easier for them to comprehend the key points.  Plus, once you record a live presentation, you’ll never have to repeat it. All you need to do is pull up the recorded presentation and share it with others. 

Make your screen recorded videos more engaging 

There are many creative ways in which you can use a screen recording tool to boost your video creation efforts. Just ensure that it is simple enough to use but provides enough flexibility to try out different content formats.

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