5 Ways To Help Fix Window Condensation


Condensation is a very unique process that may have both positive and negative impacts based on the situation. However, when it happens with the window it only brings harm. That’s why people always try to contain the condensation process so the windows can be protected from damages. There are several kinds of damages that can be expected from condensation on windows. For example, it results in generating on the window and can ruin the wooden window quite easily. Similarly, if the window is metallic, then it can rust away over time. In the worst case, you might have to hire residential window repair service providers. However, there’s still a chance that you can avoid such measures by making smart choices that would take care of condensation issues swiftly. The steps below can help you do that.

1.      Consider buying a dehumidifier

Before you start taking care of the condensation issue, it is important to understand the cause behind it. Sometimes the house is built in a place that has higher moisture in the vicinity, like river streams, forests, etc. In such conditions, the overall humidity in the house would be a lot higher and your window can have a condensation problem. Don’t worry, because companies for window replacement can easily fix the damages resulting from condensation problems. You can also resort to the dehumidifier. It can absorb all the excess humidity in the air near the window and you’ll always find your windows clean in the morning. Still, the selection of a dehumidifier is a big question because it comes in a variety of sizes and you need to pick one based on your need.

2.      Try using a moisture eliminator

As the technology is moving forward new and better solutions and coming forward that can solve your condensation issue easily. Whether a solution is effective in your situation or not completely depends on the conditions inside. If your windows stay clean most of the time, except for a few days, then a moisture eliminator can be the best selection. Whereas if you have an extended problem of humidity and moisture in the air, then a moisture eliminator can’t perform with similar efficiency. That’s why make sure you understand the gravity of the problem before approaching the moisture eliminator. A good thing about this solution is that it is easily available for under $10.

3.      Use an efficient heating system

Condensation is the result of the difference between temperatures between inside and outside, then moisture is also an important factor. It isn’t among those problems that can’t be solved by improving the ambiance inside. For example, installing dedicated equipment to get rid of excess humidity is one thing, but simple heat can easily do the hard part for you. That’s right you don’t need excessive measures when your preinstalled heating system can take care of it. You might want to upgrade the heating system if needed or probably consider installing a furnace if you have too much humidity inside. The more balanced temperature you have indoor, the less would the condensation problem and your windows can live on for ages. 

4.      Improve ventilation

Sometimes the solution to the problem is quite simple but most people take action without analyzing the situation. That’s when the problems take a serious shape. For example, if you have a condensation issue and notice that your windows are taking continuous damages, then realizing the problem and trying to get rid of it is appropriate. However, doing something without fully understanding the gravity of the problem can worsen the situation. In some houses, the condensation is the result of poor ventilation and just by improving it, the condensation problem can be solved easily. Because the little would be the difference between the temperatures inside and outside the lower would be condensation problem at the window replacement. So, be smart and don’t invest in stuff unnecessarily.

5.      Avoid drying clothes inside

Newton’s third law fits in the situation perfectly, which is “to every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction”. That’s exactly what happens in the case of condensation. For example, when you start boiling water inside your home, then you’d immediately start noticing that your windows are getting foggy. Similarly, if you have a habit of drying clothes inside the house, then you would end up having condensation problems at the windows. So, if you are annoyed by this problem, then it is better you improve conditions inside the house rather than buying sophisticated equipment to deal with condensation. You can either use a dryer or the balcony to dry your clothes. Otherwise, humidity would keep damaging your windows silently.

Condensation might seem like a huge problem, but that’s not quite right because it can be solved quite easily by making a smart decision. First, you have to understand why do you have this problem, if the cause is natural, then improving the conditions inside can protect your windows for a long time. Sometimes, the problem is temporary and is a result of something that you do at home. For that, you have to track down that problem and get it fixed. Otherwise, you’d need to hire experts to fix the windows frequently.

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