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6 Ways To Consume Kratom Effectively

You’ve heard of Kratom before, no doubt- you know, the herb that’s gaining popularity by the day. More people are learning of its possible medicinal uses, such as it might treat anxiety and soothe pain.

Before, you could only buy the herb in brick-and-mortar stores. Thanks to technology and creativity, you can now buy it online as well. Its growth has also led to its ready availability on the market, making it challenging to find quality Kratom if you’re a beginner user.

That’s why this post is here. Keep reading to learn about the green vein borneo kratom and so much more

About Kratom

Kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa, is an evergreen plant flourishing in Southeast Asia. It grows along the riverbanks or in the lush jungles of countries such as:

  • Philippines
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar 

It belongs to the Rubiaceae family. Experts believe that Southeast Asian cultivators have been using the plant’s leaves since the nineteenth century to numb the pain that hard labor causes so they can keep working.

They would munch the leaves to assist with musculoskeletal pain and increase power. Additionally, some people have used these leaves and their extracts as intestinal deworming agents, local anesthetics, and cough treatments.

What is Kratom

Components of Kratom

Kratom contains several main active alkaloids; 7-hydroxy mitragynine, which makes up at least two percent of the alkaloid content. Mitragynine constitutes approximately sixty percent of the total alkaloid content.

Evidence reveals that both alkaloids may have analgesic, anti-swelling, and muscle relaxant characteristics.

Although researchers and users know Kratom’s primary active components, the herb contains countless other ingredients that investigators haven’t thoroughly researched yet.

These other ingredients are:

  • Flavonoids- that you can find in nearly all vegetables and fruits. They’re phytonutrients, meaning they’re in charge of providing Kratom with its orange, green, or red hue.
  • Alkaloids- consist mainly of nitrogen atoms. And, they’re organic chemicals that organisms such as animals and fungi create. They include ephedrine, morphine, and nicotine.
  • Polyphenols- they’re small micronutrients that are potent antioxidants. You can get them in various foods like beans, berries, soy, nuts, and cloves.
  • Terpenes- these are organic compounds that you can find in plants. You can also get them in creatures like termites and butterflies. They’re responsible for Kratom’s trademark herby, tea-like, earthy, fresh fragrance.

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What Kratom Does

Once you consume it, it interacts with various neurotransmission structures located in the brain, including:

  • Adenosine
  • Serotonin
  • Dopamine D2

Scientists also call neurotransmitters chemical messengers since they relay information to and from your nerve cells.

Kratom ties to particular brain sense organs such as delta ank. This bonding can often lead to a sense of sedation, lowered pain, and increased pleasure.

Kratom after effects

Things to Learn and Suggestions on Purchasing Kratom Online

Most Kratom users buy their Kratom products online due to this method’s advantages.

If it’s your first time taking the online route, here are some helpful tips and things you should know to make the process easier:

  • Kratom has three main strains: Red Vein Kratom, White Vein Kratom, and Green Vein Kratom. Each of these threads has its unique properties.
  • The costliest Kratom may not always be quality.
  • Search for third-party lab test results.
  • Always watch the news to look for info on organizations issuing item recalls because of possible infection or infected Kratom.
  • Try out free samples before purchasing Kratom.
  • Not every state has legalized Kratom.
  • Purchase your Kratom from specialized sellers.
  • Pay attention to marketing and copywriting- if they sound exaggerated, off, or flowery, a wise move would be to avoid the vendor and their products.
  • Inquire from the Kratom Community- you’ll get some valuable information there.
  • Cheap doesn’t always mean good quality.

Methods of Ingesting Kratom Effectively

There are many ways to appreciate your Kratom effectively. Some common ones are:

The Quid Technique

It involves the steps of bundling the Kratom blades, chewing on them, and retaining them in the saliva. This style is effective if you wish to receive Kratom’s maximum impacts, as it usually avoids digestion.

The Rolling Paper Method

It’s a three-step procedure:

  • Take out a rolling paper
  • Roll it into a form that resembles a pill.
  • Drink a half-full glass of water with the tablet at once

You’ll feel Kratom’s impacts within fifteen to twenty minutes.

Kratom Tea

It involves four steps:

  • Select some fresh Kratom leaves.
  • Mix with hot water.
  • Strain the liquid to remove the additional leaf.
  • Drink the resulting juice. Add a sweetener like honey to taste.
Kratom tea

Toss and Wash

Here, you measure a small amount of Kratom powder, pour it into your mouth, then wash it down with some water.


They’re advantageous since they mask Kratom’s unpleasant taste. And they involve minimal hassle. All you should do is put one in your mouth and swallow it with or without water.


It’s effective since it hits pretty quickly. The alkaloids skip the digestive tract and go straight to your brain. You can feel the outcome within a minute or so.


Kratom is beneficial to you. You can benefit greatly from it by ingesting it the right way. Unlike what some people believe, it’s safe and harmless. You have to ensure that you buy it from certified sellers. Plus, that you take it according to the recommended doses. Try the methods above and feel their impacts before you know it.

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