6 Ways You Can Fix Your Teeth on a Budget


If a beautiful smile weren’t such a big deal, people wouldn’t be constantly freaking out about their teeth. Your smile matters and not just because of interacting on social media. Many individuals desire a gorgeous, bright, Hollywood smile full of perfect teeth. Nice teeth are one of the features that people admire the most, but what if you’re on a budget? How do you create an attractive smile? Dental experts are sharing some tips.

1. Tooth Contouring

For some folks, there may be a single tooth or a few that “stick out” and create a minor misalignment. It could be a crooked tooth, a pointy tooth or a longer tooth, etc.

This is a minor dental issue that can be corrected quickly, painlessly and affordably. It’s called tooth contouring and is done in the office. A cosmetic dentist would use a drill or a laser to reshape the tooth or teeth you want to be improved for a more symmetrical alignment.

2. Composite Bonding

Here is another fast procedure that can help fix your teeth on a budget that is also performed by a skilled dentist without pain or risk. Composite bonding is a method that can create a more perfect smile by applying a composite resin material to change the shape, size or color of your tooth.

The cosmetic procedure can make a variety of subtle changes such as making your teeth longer, closing a gap or space between your teeth, hiding tooth discoloration, concealing tooth chips or cracks, etc.

Dental bonding material has come a long way since 1955 when Dr. Michael Buonocore discovered that phosphoric acid could boost the mechanical bonding to a tooth’s unique structure.

3. Clear Aligners

Today, you have a superb alternative to wearing expensive, traditional, metal braces to straighten your teeth. Not only can these metal wires and brackets be uncomfortable, but they loudly advertise that you’ve got a mouth full of braces.

Most people would prefer to straighten their teeth quickly, discreetly and almost invisibly, and that’s the beauty of wearing clear, plastic aligners by the famous brand known worldwide. There are dental experts who offer this specific type of teeth straightening system at special rates and financing to keep the Invisalign Cost within your budget.

This method is convenient, works fast, lets you remove the aligners for eating and brushing and delivers that enviable set of straight teeth.

Schedule a consultation to learn more.

4. Teeth Whitening

White teeth are an instant game changer to a beautiful smile even if your teeth are imperfect. You have tons of options in teeth whitening formulas to try, but over-the-counter products cannot equal the effectiveness of professional teeth whitening.

When a dental expert performs an in-office whitening treatment or gives you the trays to take home and use, your results will be impressive and last longer than the products found at the drugstore.

The only caution is not overdoing bleaching, which can make your teeth sensitive and can even thin the enamel.

5. Retainer

If you have a gap or a small degree of irregularity, sometimes, wearing a retainer alone can provide the solution.

Most people have become familiar with retainers after having worn braces to straighten their teeth and to maintain their teeth’s new position.

Make a visit to your dental professional regarding a custom-made retainer.

6. Inlays And Onlays

For tooth restoration on a budget, you may be able to have an inlay or an onlay to support the structure of your tooth.

For instance, a tooth inlay material is applied when a tooth’s cavity is too large for a “regular” filling. The inlay is made as a solid piece that fits over the shape and size of the cavity and is then, cemented into place.

An onlay is almost similar to a crown but not exactly. In this case, the material is also fabricated as a single, solid piece and covers a cusp of the tooth.

It doesn’t take much to make a person feel self-conscious about their smile. The great news is that modern dentistry and cosmetic applications have come a long way, and today, you have excellent options for fixing your teeth while on a budget.

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