7 Mobile Commerce Best Practices to Follow in 2022


Do you have an eCommerce store? Are you looking for ways to attract mobile users to your online business? Research says 79% of smartphone users are making online purchases from their mobile devices in the last 6 months. 

Additionally, mobile Commerce is the most preferred channel among consumers, and by 2024, the global retail mCommerce sites’ revenue will reach 4.5 trillion dollars, as per Insider Intelligence.  

This is the right time if you are planning to develop a mobile eCommerce solution. But, how can you ensure your developed mobile eCommerce solution brings all the advantages to your business? Being one of the leading eCommerce solution providers, we have written articles to describe the best practices to follow when developing mobile eCommerce solutions. So, without further ado, let’s get started.  

7 Best Practices to Consider for Mobile eCommerce

1. User-Friendly Navigation 

As the screens of a mobile app are smaller compared to a laptop or desktop screen, utilizing the space efficiently is important. Because of this, deciding upon navigation becomes a critical part of the consideration. So, here are a few tips to consider when you design navigation in mobile commerce solutions

  • Provide a small tutorial of your app navigation to every new user. 
  • Provide a clear navigational sign on each app screen except the checkout page.
  • Place proper size icons that are recognizable. 
  • Add labels to icons for easy and quick identification.
  • Create attention-grabbing Call-to-Actions on your store screens.
  • Place a search box in a way that is easily findable to users. 

2. Provide a Simple User Interface

Make sure you provide as simple as possible user interface in your eCommerce solution. You don’t need to provide too much content to the screens because it will confuse the users. Instead, try to add content and images in a simplified way. This will help users to identify the key elements of your app easily. Therefore, you must keep the most crucial elements on your screens. So, users can easily navigate your eCommerce solution without any hassle. 

Tip to Consider: To design an effective design of your mobile application, implement a design system. So, it allows you to maintain visual consistency at each development stage of your application.

3. Implement Single-handed Input Design 

According to research by UX Matters, almost 50% of users use one hand to navigate into mobile apps. So, while designing your mobile app, consider implementing single-handed input. So, users are able to easily add the information and essential data into the application using a single hand only.  For that, you need to place the elements in comfortable and right areas, so users reach that place easily on the screen.

4. Add Call-to-Action Buttons

If you want to make your mobile eCommerce solution successful, you must add CTA buttons at the most efficient location. CTAs play a vital role when it comes to converting your users into buyers. Also, while placing the CTAs, you also need to be clear, and compelling and guide users towards making the purchase in an effective way. 

So, what are the points to consider when creating CTAs for your store? Here is the list of best practices to design compelling and most effective CTA buttons. 

  • Use the color combination that attracts users to your store.
  • Write the CTA texts that convey and create an urgency to make a purchasing decision. 
  • Use multiple CTAs in a product that is long enough as it increases the chances of making a purchase.
  • Provide CTAs to users that guide users to the checkout page as easily and quickly as possible.

5. Optimize Content and UX 

To increase the sales of mobile eCommerce solutions, you need to do some A/B tests on a regular basis. It helps you to know which new UX assumptions or content suggestions work better on your platform. By applying A/B tests, track the results and know how users interact on your platform. 

Usually, at the stage of developing a new product, companies prefer to create an MVP version. So, they can implement the design and development ideas. Later on, they can take suggestions from the end-users and make their product more efficient to use for the users. 

6. Add Progressive Bar When Required 

Add a progressive bar to your mobile eCommerce solution so users can know where they are in the process when making a purchase.  A progressive bar tells users they are just near to making a purchase. And, how many steps are left and how long it will require to make a purchase on the platform.

7. Simplify and Streamline the Whole Checkout Experience 

Checkout is the most essential stage in mCommerce solutions. Remember users are lazy, and they want things to work out as quickly as possible. So, users won’t wait for a long time to make any purchases on the platform. Therefore, streamlining the checkout process is important. As it plays a major role to convert users into paying customers. Here are some ideas to test for making the mobile eCommerce solutions checkout process streamline. 

  • Ask users to fill in their personal data or information at the stage of signup. 
  • Provide fast and multiple payment gateways.
  • Allows users to save their card details saved on the platform easily.
  • Add the function of saving for later on the checkout page. 
  • Optimize the fields of address so users don’t need to spend too much time adding unnecessary information.
  • Allows users to opt for autofill in your m-commerce solution so it saves time for your users to enter information each time. 
  • Try to add the estimated delivery date on the checkout page.


We hope that above mentioned best practices for mobile eCommerce solutions will be helpful to your project development. We know the entire eCommerce solution development process is complicated and challenging. So, when it comes to developing a successful mobile eCommerce solution, you must consider experienced UI/UX designers and developers, who can build powerful and simple user interface solutions. 

Need a team of experienced mobile eCommerce solutions? Let’s get in touch with us. We know how to build user-centric solutions and make them successful in the long run.

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