7 Things to Do When Moving to Hyderabad


Have you bagged a new job in Hyderabad? Are you looking forward to living in the city of your dreams? Many of us move to an entirely new city to live the life of our dreams. Making the big move can be challenging but not impossible. It is convenient to move to a different city without much hassle. Once you are mentally, physically, and financially ready to make a move, you should take the plunge. 

Here’s a look at some tips that you must follow when you move to Hyderabad:

  • Make a budget for the move

Moving to a new city can be really expensive. You must calculate the money that is involved in moving to a new city. It is good to make a spreadsheet listing the expenses. Jot down expenses such as relocation, furniture, security deposit, estimated cost of apartments for rent in Hyderabad, and the initial cost of food, travel, etc. This will help get an idea about the financial impact of the move you are planning to make. Calculate the cost of living in the new city as compared to the new salary as it will affect the budget and scope of saving.

  • Social life

Everyone is used to living around friends and family. It changes when you make a move to a new city. You may or may not have friends in the new city, but you should not worry. You can start exploring your contacts and friends in the new city. You should also be opened to meeting new people and friends of friends. Your colleagues can become your new friends. Exploring your alumni network is also a good idea. Make efforts to know people better. These associations can go a long way in the unknown city.

  • Find a good accommodation

If you are moving to Hyderabad alone, even 1 BHK in Hyderabad for rent is sufficient for you. There is no need to invest in a bigger home as it might affect your budget. Even if your company offers accommodation for a few days, you should start house hunting. You must get in touch with your connections in the new city. Do some research online and find out apartments in the location that you wish to live in. Once the basic search is done, get in touch with real estate brokers. Discuss rent and other formalities with the broker. 

  • De-clutter

This move is a great opportunity for de-cluttering your household. Begin with your wardrobe as well as random boxes placed here and there in the room. Get rid of unnecessary items in the drawers in the house. Discard everything that you don’t need. You can dispose of it, give it away, or sell it. You will feel a huge burden lifted from your shoulder, and others will get benefitted in the process. 

  • Look for weekend getaway options

While you are shifting to a new city for work, it is important to look for places wherein you can relax, have fun, and unwind during weekends. Do some research and ask about interesting places to your colleagues already staying in Hyderabad. Explore how you can reach that place. This will also help you cheer up when you feel blue in the new city. 

  • Find about transportation

One of the essential aspects to consider when moving to a new city is exploring transportation options, especially daily commute to and fro work. If you are going to take your vehicle along with you to the new city, figure out the route and the expenses you will incur when you move to the new city. You should also find out about the parking condition in your office and new home.

If at all you plan to consider public transportation, explore the available options based on your needs and convenience. You should also find out about the frequency of metros, buses, and local trains between your house and workplace. This will help in saving a lot of time.

  • Make a bucket list

 Often moving to a new place leaves us overwhelmed. Over time, we get stuck to our daily routine and socializing with people around us. You can create a bucket list in advance of all the things you wish to explore in Hyderabad. This will offer you many things to do and help you get acquainted with the new city and its culture. Try the local street food, visit famous sightseeing places, monuments, etc. 

If you are looking forward to establishing yourself in the new city, the tips mentioned above will help significantly. Hyderabad is a great city to live in; just move with an open mind, and the city will embrace you with open arms. 


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