7 Top Cannabis Strains for Inflammation


Inflammations are one of those things that affect everyone. They arise from different sources such as skin rashes, ankles and joint injuries, and many more other causes. The pain from inflammation is one of the most discomforting situations everyone wants to avoid or overcome. 

There are various remedies for dealing with inflammations and associated pains. These remedies may include using various painkillers; however, other methods are more effective due to multiple effects. CBD strains effectively handle inflammation because they boost the spirits and the moods to focus on positivity and stay relaxed while relieving the pain. 

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2. Mob boss strain

This strain is a hybrid of Indica and Sativa though it is Sativa dominant and has high levels of CBD. It has no intoxicating effects due to the low levels of THC. This is possible due to the high levels of CBD, which inhibits and regulates THC levels in the body. 

The primary terpenes in the strain include herbal myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene, which reduces pain due to inflammation. The strain is also suitable for inflammation because it enables the users to relax, boost energy and stay happy, making it one of the best inflammation solutions. You can get og kush outdoor seeds in various online stores.

2. CBD blue shark

This strain is a hybrid of shark shock indica and other high strain CBD. The THC contents are lower to ensure the CBD: THC ratio is balanced. It is suitable for dealing with pains and chronic diseases with inflammation symptoms. Its CBD level is at 8%, while The THC level is between 6-10%; hence the effects are moderate.  

The THC levels induce high spirits and eliminate any negative thoughts associated with pain.  This strain improves moods and induces a slightly high feeling, especially when dealing with intensive pain. CBD blue shark also engages the body by stimulating blood flow allowing the anti-inflammatory ingredients to be transported to the areas with pain.

3. CBD Kush

CBD Kush is one of the most famous CBD strains due to its relaxing properties. It is a hybrid of Kandy Kush and high-level CBD strains. The high feeling is not excessive, making it an effective pain relief strain. The CBD level is about 8% making it an effective anti-pain and anti-inflammatory remedy suitable for treating various conditions.

Users can use it to manage long-term pains without worrying about effects such as paranoia and psychosis. Doctors recommend it as one of the leading medications and pain relief for the elderly suffering from arthritis.

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4. The OX

The OX is one of the most powerful CBD strains, with a THC content of about 18%. It has 75% indica and 25% Sativa created by crossing Bubba Kush and Stone Mountain strains. In addition, it is an indica strain with a high lifting effect. The 1—12% CBD levels make it suitable for dealing with inflammation pains. 

The THC levels will uplift your energy and moods, allowing you to focus on positivity and good spirits. As the energy and moods undergo a euphoric lift, the body undergoes sedation, becoming relaxed while taking away the pain. 

5. Blue haze

The blue haze is a hybrid of dense haze and blueberry indica.  Blue haze has 80% indica and 20% Sativa and features a spicy berry smell and THC levels between 18-20%. It uplifts the body, making it suitable for dealing with depression and inflammations. The strain produces a significant relaxation effect and mental well-being, allowing those in pain to overcome the pain and stay positive. 

Doctors recommend it in small doses since excess can induce paranoia and psychedelic effects. It is ideal for patients undergoing intense cancer pains, migraines, and severe headaches. 

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6. Avi- Dekel

This strain is grown by Tikun Olam and has high CBD content and nearly no THC. The Indica-Sativa proportion is 60:40, making it suitable for relieving pain without making the users high. The CBD contents are close to 16% making it one of the best pain relief medications.  Apart from pain relief, it is suitable for handling digestive disorders and sleep-related complications. 

You can use it and resume other duties because it has no psychoactive effects. Instead, it eliminates the pain that was previously hindering your productivity and happiness. 

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7. Harlequin

This strain is 75/25 Sativa dominant and preferred by those with adverse pains due to the high CBD levels. THC levels of 4-7% produce mellow and prolonged focus while avoiding light-headedness and pressure associated with other cannabis strains.  Its terpenes profile is myrcene and caryophyllene dominant, making it suitable for inflammation and eliminating pains without getting the users sedated. The strain is also tasty with mango Flavors, making it popular and preferred by many users. 

It is majorly known for its usefulness in fighting epilepsy. It is suitable for cases where one cannot be compromised mentally and emotionally, yet they need to deal with the pain.  This makes it suitable for workers, especially those with sensitive jobs such as plant operations.


CBD is one of the most relevant cannabinoids suitable for handling pain and inflammations. Before buying any cannabis strain to handle pain, you need to focus on the THC levels. This is effective, especially when helping teenagers and children handle pains due to severe conditions such as cancer. You also need to focus on the CBD levels to deal with the pain and inflammations effectively.

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