A Guide to Papa Johns Pizza Crust Options in 2022

Papa Johns Pizza

Pizza is a common favorite food, and that is not surprising. It is cheesy and delicious, and there are various types. One of the things that make a pizza is the crust. However, not everyone agrees on the best type of crust. Some prefer thick, while others prefer thin. And then there are those who want things stuffed in the crust. The good news is that Papa Johns offers a variety of crusts on the menu. When you order a sausage pizza, you can choose the traditional, thin, New York style, epic stuffed, or gluten free crust. You can also order whichever crust you like with the many specialty pizzas.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Stuffed Crust Pizza

For people who love cheese, searching for a stuffed crust pizza near me is a must. At Papa Johns, they take their original crust, which is made with only six quality ingredients, and stuff it with ooey, gooey cheese. After it is baked, the cheese is all melty, and it is hard to know whether to eat the pizza slice normally or to start with the crust.

One of the many great things about Papa Johns is that it is constantly featuring special items. For a limited time, you can now also get an epic pepperoni stuffed crust, which includes slices of pepperoni right with the cheese. If you are a pepperoni lover, hurry up and try it before it is gone!

Mouth Watering Philly Cheesesteak Pizza

If you normally get the same type of toppings every time, perhaps you want to try something new. The menu at Papa Johns has numerous specialty pizzas, and it is worth introducing your tastebuds to one. Try the philly cheesesteak, which has a special Philly sauce, steak, green peppers, onions, and cheese. Whether you are from Philly or just love steak, this cheesy pie is delicious.

If you want even more cheese, order it with the stuffed crust. If you want to save a few calories, top this specialty pizza on a thin crust. If you really want to mix it up, order the hand-stretched, oversize New York style crust.

You Can Even get a Gluten Free Crust

For those who want or need to avoid gluten, it was not too long ago that pizza was a no-no due to the wheat in the crust. Thankfully, Papa Johns is hip with the times, and it offers a gluten free crust. Made with ancient grains, this crust allows everyone to enjoy pizza again (although it is not recommended for those with celiac disease). Customize it with your favorite toppings (avoiding the gluten-containing meatballs) or order a specialty pizza.

People love Papa Johns for many reasons, and one is for the variety its menu offers. With its myriad of toppings, sauces, sides, and sandwiches, it is easy to please everyone in your group. Its crust selection is no exception. To recap, the next time you order pizza, remember you can request one of the many crust options:

  • Original
  • Thin
  • Epic stuffed
  • Pepperoni stuffed (limited time)
  • New York style
  • Gluten free


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